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Keep vigilant against Mycoplasma bovis!11 hours

Mycoplasma bovis is a bacterium that causes disease in cattle including mastitis that is resistant to treatment, severe pneumonia, arthritis, and late-term abortion. Last month the disease was confirmed in a South Canterbury dairy farm. Franklin Vets has been asked …Read More

Large animal August newsletter cover

Franklin Vets Update August 20172 weeks

The latest newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with some articles, opinion pieces, and even a competition! Futureproof your herd with our CalfWOF service BVD – the next step Win a g-shock watch 10 tips for handling …Read More

cow eating

Mycoplasma bovis – An unwanted tourist4 weeks

MPI is currently responding to the detection of the cattle disease, Mycoplasma bovis in a large dairy herd in South Canterbury. The bacterial disease is found globally, but to-date, New Zealand has been in the privileged position of being free …Read More

Timely lepto warning for all dog owners2 months

Franklin Vets has seen several dogs presenting with Leptospirosis in the last month and warns dog owners that it very important to keep this vaccination up to date as once a dog contracts this disease, the prognosis is very poor. …Read More


The Lowdown on Lice in Sheep & Cattle2 months

Lice are external parasites that spend their entire life cycle on the animal. They can only spread from one animal to another by direct contact. Lice are highly host specific, which means they can only breed on their own hosts. …Read More

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Is lameness costing you money this winter?2 months

The prolonged spell of wet weather is starting to take its toll in increased numbers of lame cows on winter milkers. This is due a combination of fines being washed away from the surface of races, and wet conditions softening …Read More

Ag Day 20172 months

Attention all country schools! The team at Franklin Vets has got your Ag Day needs covered. We can offer you advice and service from qualified professionals and we are OPEN 7 DAYS in Pukekohe and Papakura. Read more: AgDaysFlyer 2017

June 2017 Newsletter

Franklin Vets Update June 20172 months

The latest newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with articles, opinion pieces, a bit of humour and even a recipe! Why optimising trace element levels matters We need to talk about AMR Calf Roadshow 2017 Welfarm TEATSEAL …Read More

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Busting Myths about what Impacts Colostrum Transfer in Calves3 months

Franklin Vets, in conjunction with the Franklin Vet Club Trust, the Tuakau Saleyards, local stock agents and farmers, conducted a study over the autumn and spring of 2016 to determine the level of passive immunity transferred to new-born calves via …Read More

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Lepto – keeping your family safe3 months

Leptospirosis (“Lepto”) is one of the most common infectious diseases spread from animals to humans. It is a considered a workplace hazard for those working with animals, but anyone with grazing animals is potentially at risk of exposure. Lepto is …Read More

It’s not all about the drench3 months

Drenching our grazing animals is often seen as the single solution to dealing with internal parasites (worms). However, resistance of internal parasites to drenches is an increasingly serious issue facing not only large  commercial sheep farms, but anyone who grazes …Read More