Dairy NZ have shown that performance in your herd is a major contributor to probability. We understand that every farm is different, as is each problem and solution. That is why we work with you to get compact calving patterns and optimal cow health through the mating period.

We offer solutions for non-cycling cows, as well as manual and ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis.

Over the last few years, Franklin Vets have made a significant financial and time commitment to providing you with quality services to improve reproduction on your farm. Our services include: backpack scanners, data entry and analysis using Infovet or Mindapro, and consultancy services through Dairy NZ’s InCalf programme.

Pregnancy testing

Franklin Vets continue to offer a pregnancy scanning service with the added value of electronically recording results on farm with Infovet. Our portable backpack scanners can guarantee levels of accuracy and time efficiency with experienced operators.

Pregnancy testing is a great tool for gaining information about your cows’ reproductive performance. It is essential that you get the pregnancy testing booked at a time that will give you the information you require.

We have identified three strategies we commonly us and these determine the timing of the job.

Incalf or empty

Achieved with a single scan six weeks or more after the bulls have been removed.  You will rely on your mating dates for expecting calving dates.

Identify late calving cows

A single scan can be done 6- 8 weeks after the bulls are removed. This allows us to establish a list of late calving cows due to calve in the last 4-6 weeks of calving.

Aging pregnancies

This is best done in two scans.  One early, 12 to 14 weeks after planned start of mating, and the second six weeks after the bulls are removed.

We only PD the cows not identified as pregnant in the first scan twice.  Every pregnancy is aged by the vet rather than relying on mating dates.  This allows us to give an accurate expected calving report and to maximise the value of your Fertility Focus report in analysing your herd’s reproductive performance.

Please contact us to discuss what strategy is best for you.