Dripping milk pre-calving can lead to increased rates of Mastitis. The number of heifers being teatsealed before calving is increasing every June as more clients are becoming aware of the benefits of reduced mastitis at calving.  Save your cows from early lactation with Franklin Vets Teatseal service. Speak to your vet about the benefits of treating your heifers.

Heifer Weighing

We have seen numerous examples of heifers being under grown and have witnessed the effects on fertility and production.

Very often heifer rearing is a neglected part of dairy farming, yet everyone knows that their heifers are the future of the business!

Franklin Vets rural technicians offer competitively priced heifer weighing services, providing reports on individual weights, growth rates, graphs and comparisons. We are then able to set target weights for your individual herd. These reports enable you to adapt management practices in time to achieve target weights.

Pregnancy Scanning and advice

Franklin Vets have made significant investment to provide you with quality scanning services with our backpack scanners and analysis using InfoVet and consultancy services through Dairy NZ’s InCalf programme.

We can guarantee good levels of accuracy and time efficiency with experienced operators.

Infovet will enable us to check the latest entered mating dates if you are registered and using the MINDA recording system.  This will save time entering results after pregnancy testing and will decrease chances of errors occurring.

With recording under control all that we need to work on is getting the pregnancy testing booked at a time which will give you the information you require.