At Franklin Vets, we have developed the Equi-worm rite programme that helps take out the guesswork when worming horses. We estimate a saving of up to 50 percent per year on de-worming treatments with our Equiworm-rite programme for multi horse properties that are blanket treated every 8 weeks.

The programme:

  • Reduces drench resistance on your property
  • Protects horses against worm related disease with evidence-based advice
  • Ultimately saves money on worming products by using the right product at the right time

Research has shown that 50 percent of horses should only be de-wormed twice a year. Horses have genetic traits that allow them to fight off worms themselves.

By identifying horses as having individual de-worming requirements rather than blanket treating every horse at set intervals we will start to address the very serious problem of drench resistance in New Zealand. We can identify individual horse de-worming requirements with strategic faecal egg count monitoring.

Spring is the time of the year we recommend all horses receive a moxidectin based de-worming treatment, contained in Equest Plus or Ultramox. Moxidectin is the only product that helps to treat all stages of the Cyathastome or redworm and is also the only product to-date with no documented resistance in New Zealand against redworm. Redworm is the major disease causing worm in horses in New Zealand.

Please contact Franklin Vets for advice on how to set up the Equiworm-rite programme on your property.