Franklin Vets offers you peace of mind when you are away. Your cat can holiday with us at our purpose-built cattery facilities. We only accommodate up to two cats per unit and only cats from the same household will be housed together.

Cattery staff are trained to look for signs of ill-health and will report any concerns to our veterinary staff for assessment. One advantage of having a Boarding Cattery at a vet clinic, is that routine procedures can be done while the clients are away on holiday, avoiding the need for a further visit (or two) when they return. This might include dental work, grooming or even de-sexing. Clients are requested to indicate on admission if they would like any of this done.

We tailor the care to your cat’s personal needs to ensure you and your beloved enjoy their holiday.

If you would like to make a booking or visit the cattery for inspection, please call the Pukekohe clinic on 09 2387486