We offer the full range of surgical services at our small animal clinics. Routine surgery is performed Mon-Fri and emergency surgery can be performed at the time required. All patients have a full clinical examination prior to surgery, pre-anaesthetic blood tests, pre and post medication and anaesthetic.

Our fully trained staff will monitor your pet’s performance and comfort throughout the surgery with our state of the art equipment.


Is the sliding of the intestine within itself, reducing the blood supply. The tissue begins to swell and die. There are several conditions that predispose an animal to intussusception and it is seen more commonly in puppies carrying a large number of internal parasite. {WORM LINK} Treatment involves surgery to slide the introverted segment of bowel, or frequently to remove a length of bowel. A technique called enteroplication can then be performed to prevent this condition happening again.

Total Ear Canal Ablation

We have been very pleased with the results at our Pukehoke clinic Some animals have such chronic, severe disease in their ear canals that medication won’t work anymore. The Total Ear Canal Ablation with Lateral Bulla Osteotomy (TECA-LBO) is a procedure that removes the entire ear canal, the ear drum and part of the bone in the middle ear canal. Hearing is dramatically reduced and there are risks involved with this complicated procedure but your pets pain is removed. TECA-LBO can also be used to treat ear cancers.

Orthopaedic Surgeries

Franklin Vets boast a team of highly skilled veterinarians trained to deal with the challenging subject of orthopaedic surgery. Our patients vary in size from tiny kittens to large dogs and even the occasional alpaca. Common surgeries include: repairing fractures, repairing ruptured Achilles tendons, replacing dislocations and correcting some anatomical faults. Our treatments can involve bone plates and screws or a simple cast.

Triple Tibial Osteotomy (TTO)

There are many surgical procedures available to address cruciate ligament injury. Franklin vets have a team of skilled and highly trained veterinarians to perform TTO. We recommend this treatment for any dog over 20kg that ruptures or partially ruptures a cruciate ligament. The procedure involves making a variety of saw cuts into the tibia and applying a steel plate to remove the need of a cruciate ligament at all.