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Keeping an older dog active with physiotherapy

August 27, 2017

Gadget is a 10 year old Border Collie who presented to Total Physiotherapy in February 2017 after undertaking several different orthopaedic surgeries in the last few years. Gadget is a happy, active individual who spends a lot of time outside with his owner.animal physio consult room

At his first consultation, trained animal physiotherapist, Becky Onyett reviewed how Gadget was currently moving to review his pain and assess the best way to help his owner to keep him comfortable and as active as possible through his later years of life!

On his sessions to date Becky continues to assess and treat what is in front of her on the day. Be that a tightness through the back and pelvis, poor balance through the hind limb or compensatory stiffness and tightness through the mid back and shoulders.

By developing a plan with the owners to work on stretches, balance and strength, physiotherapy has helped Gadget to maintain his happy, healthy, active nature. Total Physiotherapy now sees Gadget on a 6 weekly basis to maintain his flexibility and strength.