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Preparing for your Equine Vet’s visit

July 4, 2019

As busy equine vets, we love it when our clients are prepared for their appointment.

Here are some tips for keeping us on time and keeping your bill tidy.

  1. Catch your horse
    Many easy to catch horses know what our ute looks like and can decide to be difficult to catch on the day of their appointment. It saves heaps of time having them up at the stable area ready and waiting. It is much easier to examine a horse if they are clean of mud and have their covers off. This is the best time for your veterinarian to asses their general health and body condition. If they are presenting for a lameness, it is best to have their legs clean and hooves picked out.

    horse crush for equine dental

    Our horse crush set up & in action

  2. No Surprises
    Many times, we get the “while you are here…” cases. We understand things change last minute but if you alert our customer service team, we can adjust our day accordingly to allow for any additional horses or consultations. It is also helpful to have any previous medical records handy if you have any new additions to your herd. This will save time and ensure your horses are up to date on vaccinations, etc.
  3. Facilities
    Some procedures need safe facilities or power supply. Our customer service team will help advise you if you need to have power supply ready for x-rays or endoscopy, etc. Dental procedures need a flat area for our portable crush for safety. Lameness exams need a large flat even ground, free of obstacles for trotting your horse.
  4. Handling
    Our equine team typically travel solo and if you feel your horse needs a more experienced handler we can arrange that. Some procedures need an additional person such as taking x-rays and gelding procedures. Please let us know if you feel your horse’s temperament and ground handling are prone to misbehaviour or if you have a medical condition limiting your handling capabilities.
  5. Safety
    All of the above help everyone involved stay safe and decrease the chance of injury. Other things to consider are distractions such as other horses, loose barking dogs and keeping your small children in a safe zone.

We know that vets have a reputation of being late and we try our best to be punctual. We will let you know if an emergency comes up that causes us to be delayed.

We look forward to serving you efficiently and effectively and many thanks to those of you that already have all the above suggestions in place.