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Facial Eczema Warning

January 29, 2020

Just a reminder to our local lifestylers that we are seeing spore counts start to rise as the warm, humid weather provides ideal growing conditions for the spores. Facial eczema is a disease of cattle, sheep, deer, goats, llamas and alpacas (but not horses). Providing zinc is the only preventative method available to reduce the risk of facial eczema.sheep with facial eczema

When fungal spores are ingested they release a toxin called sporidesmin which causes damage to the bile system of the liver. This, in turn, results in the accumulation of other toxins in the animal’s bloodstream, leading to poor health, low production, and potentially death. An important secondary effect of the liver damage is called ‘photosensitisation’, visible as a severe and painful inflammation (see pic) of unpigmented areas and exposed skin such as the udder, teats, ears and face (this is how the disease got its name).

For more information about how to prevent Facial Eczema give us a ring at your local Franklin Vets clinic or have a look at our website.