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Let’s talk body condition scores

April 28, 2020

Everyone has been in some form of lockdown or another for the last 5 weeks, and this will continue for some weeks yet. There has overweight golden retrieverbeen much humour about the increasing weight of people who are not able to exercise as they normally would, and this will apply to our pets too.

No long runs with the dog across the parks for a few weeks is going to affect their fitness and girth. And for those of us who have had to work through the lockdown, there has been very little time available for exercising pets even on our own properties.

Maintaining normal body condition score is essential for the health of ourselves and our pets. It is one health metric that we really can control. Being underweight or overweight is bad for the health for many reasons, and is a major cause of increased risk of disease and even death under anaesthetic.

Here are a couple of charts that will help you assess whether your pet is the right weight. Check at least every month, and if you are concerned that their weight is not quite right, come in and see us when lockdown is over.

Body condition score chart – dogs

Body condition score chart – cats