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May 18, 2020

Why metrichecking?

  • Improved submission and conception ratesmetricheck dairy cows
  • Improved six-week in-calf rates
  • Extra days in milk
  • Fewer empties.

Successful treatment of endometritis can mean as much as an extra 14 – 20 days in milk per cow treated the next lactation.

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of treating herds in regular batches once groups of cows have been calved for one week. This results in the treatment of problem infections sooner, resulting in a better outcome for the cow and the herd.

The following cows are more at risk of having endometritis:

  1. Had a difficult/assisted calving
  2. Had twins
  3. Had milk fever
  4. Had Ketosis
  5. Had retained foetal membranes
  6. Had a dead calf
  7. A vaginal discharge
  8. Older cows

In addition, herds with a feed shortage seem to have higher rates of infection. However, many of the cows we detect with infections have none of the above reasons. Therefore to do the best job, we recommend the whole herd be checked.

This year overall the rates have been around 10% with some variations either side, I suspect one of the benefits of the fine weather has meant less metabolic issues and less calving difficulties.

Call your vet today about preparing your herd to have a successful mating. We’re here to help!

Dr Graeme Charteris BVSc