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Nelson’s blocked bladder

July 29, 2020

Nelson may not look it, but he is nearly 15 years old! Nelson was looked after by our Papakura team at the end of last Nelson the cat with a blocked bladdermonth after coming in very unwell with a “blocked bladder”.

This is when a cat’s urethra becomes obstructed and they are unable to pass urine. Nelson was quickly stabilised with intensive care. Later on in the day he was anaesthetised and had an x-ray taken to check for any bladder stones, before having a procedure to unblock his urethra. As you can see from his x-ray, Nelson only has one back leg after a shotgun injury when he was younger!xray of nelson's blocked bladder

Nelson ended up staying in our hospital for 5 days, during which time he became a firm favourite with the team for being such a good boy for all his treatments. Nelson needed intravenous fluids, regular pain relief and veterinary check overs, repeat blood testing and also syringe feeding to keep his nutrition up. Fortunately, Nelson made a great recovery and is now at home on special food to help reduce the chance of any future problems. We love Nelson!Nelson after unblocking his bladder

Dr Mary-Beth Dwyer – Pet Vet at Franklin Vets Papakura clinic.