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8 Week Biggest Loser Program

March 17, 2021

biggest Loser pets weight competition

Are you concerned about your pet’s weight?

Would you like your pet to live a longer, healthier life?Overweight labrador

Join up today and make it happen!

To sign up:

  • Please book a FREE nurse consult at any of our clinics from 1st to 16th April to have your pet measured, weighed & photographed. The final weigh-in needs to be 8 weeks after the first weigh-in.
  • Our vet nurse will create a feeding and weight loss program tailored specifically to your pet (using Royal Canin Vet Services Weight Management Tool) & answer any questions you have. This will be documented in the RC: “Easy Steps to Healthy Weight Brochure” (records weights, diet plan etc).
  • Resources to take away – “Overweight pets and how nutrition can help”biggest Loser pets weight competition
  • Enrolling is FREE and the only cost to you is buying the diet recommended by the Vet Nurse (at 20% discount).
  • Clients are welcome to come back in & weigh-in fortnightly. This will be documented in the RC brochure & on ezyVet.
  • The program will continue until 27th May – 11th June, (depending on the initial sign-up date) when the final weigh-ins will determine our winners!
  • Winners determined by the percentage of total body weight lost.
  • Winning pets photos and names will be used on social media, newsletters and newspapers for publicity purposes. Please advise our team if you do wish this to happen.


Biggest loser – $300 Franklin Vets Voucher – one for a cat, one for a dog

Runner up Biggest loser – $200 Franklin Vets Voucher – one for a cat, one for a dog.