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WelFarm – meeting the needs of a changing industry

April 7, 2021

Have you thought about where the industry is headed?WelFarm scheme

Consumers are wanting to know more about where their product is coming from, and have the assurance that the cows are in a good state of health and wellbeing. There have been moves from dairy companies to ensure suppliers are meeting certain requirements.

As farmers, cows in a good state of health and condition are not only in a good state of wellbeing, but also produce more milk and get in calf earlier.

  • What if there was a programme that integrated monitoring of key animal health, animal performance and wellbeing measures, and included regular vet visits and advice?
  • That ticks the boxes for animal health/wellbeing plans but also adds value through herd monitoring, veterinary advice and regular visits for your herd.

Introducing WelFarm, a new animal health programme designed to help meet the needs of a changing industry. It is set up in many vet clinics nationally, which provides consistent standards and data for benchmarking your farm against others on WelFarm both regionally and nationally.

Our Franklin Vets vets/techs will visit enrolled farms 6 times annually to measure body condition at four key times, to locomotion score the herd and to tail score the herd.

The programmes monitor data such as; in-calf rates, mortality rates, medicine usage, lameness rates, replacement rate, mastitis rates, milk quality etc. This data is compared to other farms and while it ticks compliance boxes, it may identify areas to improve. Identifying these issues (that often may not be obvious) gives an opportunity to address them, increasing herd performance and profit. Your vets are here to help when needed and will monitor herd results and provide analysis as part of WelFarm.

Talk you one of our friendly Franklin Vets farm services staff for more information.

Dr Graeme Charteris Farm VeterinarianDr Graeme Charteris, BVSc, farm vet at our Pukekohe clinic.