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Teatseal® tubes can now be recycled

April 29, 2021

This will significantly reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill and support a healthier more sustainable future.Teatseal

How does it work?

Once you’ve finished Teatsealing, either yourself or your vet/technician team will take the empty Teatseal tubes back to the vet clinic. From there they will be collected by Plasback and recycled. Your clinic will advise you the date the tubes need to be returned by for recycling.

What happens to the waste?

Teatseal tubes will be re-purposed in several ways by different recycling facilities. Into fencepost’s, cable covers, drainage pipes etc.

What can be recycled?

At this stage, we can only take empty Teatseal branded tubes and caps due to unknown plastics used in other products. Please note that there cannot be any contamination of other materials
(e.g. gloves, Teatwipes, or antibiotic dry cow therapy tubes). Teatseal buckets can also be recycled as a part of this scheme. Don’t forget that Teatwipes are 100% farm and home compostable.

A huge thank you for your dedication to diverting waste from landfill and for playing your part in creating a sustainable solution.

teatseal recycling scheme