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Meet our Biggest Losers

July 8, 2021

Well, the results are in and the winners of our “Biggest Loser” programme have been announced.

Check out their pictures and weight loss stories below.

Winning dog $300 voucher

Mary the English Bulldog from Bombay lost 16.6% of her starting weight to reach her ideal weight. Mary achieved this through a Royal Canin satiety diet, which provides safe weight loss, reduces begging behaviour by keeping them satisfied & has a high protein content to maintain muscle mass while losing weight. This was mixed with her Royal Canin bulldog diet, and some wet satiety diet. She also walked for 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day.

Mary biggest loserRunner up dog $200 voucher

Elbee from Tuakau lost 9.6% of her starting weight. She has also been on a satiety diet and the family have made a big effort to cut treats to a bare minimum. Elbee has also been running with the farm bike and her family have noticed she has much more energy, which is great news.

Elbee biggest loserWinning cat $300 voucher

Souljah Boii from Flat Bush lost 8.8% of his starting weight on the Royal Canin feline satiety diet. He lives with another cat and got caught stealing its food a few times, so feeding them separately and taking away unfinished food from the other cat added to his success.

Souljah Boii biggest loserRunner up cat $200 voucher

Neko (left)from Papakura lost 7.5% of his starting weight on a Royal Canin feline satiety diet. Neko also has a brother called Hunter (right, who incidentally came third) and with Neko being a grazer, his food often got gobbled up by the bigger Hunter. This problem has now been solved with the family completely coincidentally winning the Surefeed microchip pet feeder we gave away in a Bravecto promotion earlier this month.

Neko Biggest Loser

Congratulations to all the entrants for starting this challenging journey. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful vet nurses who made it all possible with fortnightly weigh-ins, sage advice on diets and exercise and capturing photos of often reluctant & moving participants. We think they did a great job and have certainly made a difference in the lives of those pets who have started on their weight loss journey.

And remember, even though the competition is over, our team would still love to meet your pets, weigh them, and give them dietary and exercise advice so they can live their best lives. Book them in today.