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When Jet’s love of rocks went wrong

August 25, 2021

Jet is a 5-year-old Ridgeback cross who loves to play with rocks. His owner noticed a few weeks ago that he was chewing a bit funny and drooling a bit so brought him in for a dental check.

Jet and his dental


He was found to have broken both his canine and his upper premolar 4, which is the big chewing tooth on the top jaw on the side of the mouth.

Dental surgery was scheduled but when he was examined once he was asleep and he was x-rayed and found to have 3 other broken teeth. All these teeth were extracted and Jet was sent home with lots of pain relief and some TLC.

x-ray image of lower molar 3 fractured in half on the left

X-ray image of lower molar 3 fractured in half on the left

The next week Jet came back for his check-up and his owner was ecstatic with him. He was suddenly a much happier dog, so much more playful. In retrospect, she suspects his dental disease may have been going on for about a month causing him to slowly be a bit off colour but not really so that it was noticeable by the owner. Now Jet has something to smile about!

Dental disease is often very well hidden by animals. They can have quite painful conditions like broken teeth with exposed nerves causing nerve pain or tooth root abscesses and still eat and carry on like everything is normal.

If you have concerns about your dog’s teeth, book them in for a dental check with our nurses to get advice on what your pet’s mouth needs.

Dr Nikki Frost BSc BVSc MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats)