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Spring is here & allergies are upon us

September 30, 2021

If you’ve noticed that your eyes are itching, you’re sneezing and yellow pollen is forming a layer on your car, you’re not wrong. Spring is here, and just as humans suffer from hayfever, so too do our pets suffer from allergies – mainly in the form of itchy skin (atopic dermatitis). It is a very common complaint that we see pets, mainly dogs, and particularly in the warmer months.

Atopic dermatitis can be caused by many different grasses and pollens and it is not always possible to work out exactly what. And while it is difficult to avoid allergens, there are ways to help manage and alleviate symptoms in our pets.

Just as humans take antihistamines, there are medications to help our pets be more comfortable during this time and prevent secondary skin infections (pyoderma) which can worsen the itch. There are now safe and effective monthly injections, Cytopoint, that can help remove the itch. Also, there are tablets called Apoquel that can help keep itchiness at bay.

Other measures like shampoos and low allergy foods and flea control may also help manage symptoms.

Talk to us about what medications may help keep your pet comfortable during this time.

Dr Kath Johnson, Pet Vet at our Pukekohe Clinic