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Level 3, Step 2 Update for Equine Clients

November 8, 2021

Hello Level 3, Step 2!

equine vet team on the road during COVID

Catherine & Kendra masked up and ready to vet

As of Wednesday 10th November, you are now welcome back into our clinics for RETAIL SALES only. However, to keep everyone safe, there are some new rules we all need to comply with.

In clinic:

  • To keep 2-metre distancing we have to limit numbers. A team member on the door will let you know when it is safe to enter.
  • Scan in & Mask up! Unless you have a medical exemption you will not be allowed in the clinic without a mask.
  • If you need supplies, phone, or even better email your local clinic (this link takes you to their clinic pages where you can find their email addresses). We can have it ready for collection when you arrive.

Out on your property:

We can provide a full range of equine veterinary services at Level 3 by following these actions:

  • Keeping a 2-metre distance from you and your staff.
  • If you have flu-like symptoms or are in self-isolation, please let us know in advance of the visit to plan accordingly.
  • For most calls, one equine vet will attend unless doing work that requires additional hands. Our Equine Vets & Techs will be wearing masks and we ask you to wear one too.
  • We would prefer to just have one of your family present for the vet’s visit. If others are there, they should be >2m away.stay 2 metres apart

Here’s to keeping you, your family and our team safe.

Take care out there & thanks for your patience.

The team at Franklin Vets Equine.