Franklin Vets offers comprehensive veterinary care and advice for sheep farmers including on farm consultancy.  We provide customised rearing, drenching and vaccination programs and investigations into poor growth rates on your farm.


Sheep are seasonal breeders, though some are able to breed all year round. The declining sunlight during Autumn stimulates them to cycle.

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Ram Soundness and Teasers

Ram health is essential for achieving top lambing percentages. We can work with you to ensure your rams are fertile and have good body weight and condition, are disease free and sound on all four feet.

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Disease Management

We can advise you on the best disease management programme for your sheep, including vaccination to ensure your sheep are protected from disease.

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Rearing Lambs

Whether rearing lambs on a lifestyle property or a commercial farm, we can give you the best advice on disease management, vaccinations and care to ensure a healthy flock on your farm.

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