Working Dogs

The working dog has become an icon to New Zealand’s rural life. Our veterinarians have a wealth of experience and skills for the benefit of the working dog on your farm.


Arthritis in dogs is extremely common. As dogs get older, the cartilage surface of their joints wear and begin to thin causing the cartilage cells to die.

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Constipation is extremely common in dogs. It is defined as infrequent and difficult passage of excessively dry or hard faeces. It becomes progressively more severe if left untreated. Permanent and irreversible damage can be made to the colon and rectum.

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Franklin Vets offers a de-sexing procedure, performed in our modern theatres using the latest technologies. All our surgical patients receive opiate (morphine based) pain control while at the clinic and four days of painkillers to take home.

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Fleas and Worms

Dogs become invested with fleas through contact with other animals or contact with fleas in the environment. Fleas cannot fly but their strong back legs enable them to jump from host to host. A flea bite can cause itching, and in some cases, their severity will lead to hair loss, inflammation and secondary skin infections.

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Cruciate surgery

Rupturing the cranial cruciate ligament is a common injury in humans and dogs. Most dogs that tear this ligament in the knee joint already have a degree of arthritis and joint disease.

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Franklin Vets highly recommends that all dogs are vaccinated against leptospirosis. This is caused by a bacterium not a virus. The bacterium can be found in a number of healthy carriers such as cattle, pigs, rats and dogs.

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