Rupturing the cranial cruciate ligament (CLL) is a common injury in humans and dogs. Most dogs that tear this ligament in the knee joint will already have a degree of arthritis and joint disease.

There are many surgical procedures available to address CLL injury. Franklin Vets have a team of skilled and highly trained veterinarians to perform Triple Tibial Osteotomy (TTO). We recommend this treatment for any dog over 20kg that ruptures or partially ruptures a cruciate ligament.

The procedure involves making a variety of saw cuts into the tibia and applying a steal plate to remove the need of a cranial cruciate ligament at all.

TTO can also be used in combination with prosthetic ligament replacement for those dogs that tear multiple ligaments in a joint. This was previously a crippling injury that is much more readily managed.

If you have a working dog that ruptures a cranial cruciate ligament and you want the best chance of returning them to work again consider investing in TTO.

During the surgery, we will carefully monitor your dog to ensure they are comfortable and feel no pain. We will follow up with an aftercare programme for you and your dog. Physiotherapy should follow surgery to optimise the recovery of your dog.

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