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Working dog

Farm Dog Direct6 days

For a convenient and handy solution simply choose the worm, flea and tick products best suited to your dog/s and your farm’s requirements. Bravecto & Endogard tablets Tick, flea and worm control sent every 3 months. 4.5-10kg $18.90, 10-20kg $20.50, …Read More

scratching puppy

Your Pet Direct2 weeks

Keeping our pets flea and parasite free not only ensures they maintain good internal and external health, but it also keeps other family members safe. We have a convenient and cost effective solution that will ensure you never run out …Read More

October newsletter

Franklin Vets Update October 20172 weeks

The latest newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with articles, ads, and even a competition!

Sparky acupuncture

How can acupuncture help my horse?2 weeks

Acupuncture is a beneficial adjunctive therapy for many issues including muscle soreness and tension, chronic pain (eg. Arthritis, laminitis), nerve damage, immune stimulation, and much more. Acupuncture cannot fix a hoof abscess, or cure arthritis, and a complete lameness workup …Read More


Getting to the bottom of Manni’s itch3 weeks

Meet gorgeous little Manni! He is a 2 year old Pomeranian cross who came to us with an annoying itch. When Manni was 18 months old, he started chewing and itching his feet, belly, legs, tail and face. He lost ...Read More

The danger of lily toxicity in cats3 weeks

Squeeky a 6 month old cat presented to Matt at out Te Kauwhata branch with a history of vomiting, not eating for 2 days and being very tender in the abdominal region. Upon seeing how dehydrated and in pain Squeeky …Read More


Welcome relief for a scratching dog3 weeks

Painter is a 1 year old Shih Tzu who I have gotten to know very well over the last 6 months as he has been a very frequent visitor with his allergic skin disease and ear infections. After a food …Read More

Cat dental

X-rays reveal Smooch’s hidden pain3 weeks

Recently at our Pukekohe clinic we have upgraded our dental radiology unit and the superior images we are now getting are really helping us to diagnose dental disease more easily. This is great news as we are now better able ...Read More
Kirsty with Idess

Routine blood testing3 weeks

Many animals are brought in to vet clinics because they are injured or unwell. Most of these will require some form of blood and urine testing to find out what is wrong with them. But what about the animals that …Read More

Equine ‘Run Days’ are here1 month

The Franklin Vets Equine team is giving you a great opportunity to save on mileage by starting weekly equine run days to the Clevedon, North Waikato and the Waiuku/Awhitu areas. Don’t miss out – book in advance. Call Sandra on …Read More

seedy toe

Seedy toe2 months

Seedy toe (sometimes called White Line Disease) is separation of the hoof wall and the laminae which happens commonly in wet or muddy paddock conditions. It is an opportunistic disease, meaning that it takes advantage of a compromise in the …Read More

lamb feeding

Bloat in lambs2 months

Bloating in lambs occurs when gas forms and accumulates in part of the gut called the abomasal (stomach). Abomasal bloat can cause up to 30% of reared lambs to die before weaning. Typically, within 30 minutes of feeding warm milk, …Read More