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facial eczema

Facial Eczema -the 3 W’s 21 hours

The New Year brings the need to start preparing for the 2021 facial eczema (FE) season. The last 2 summers have been (very) dry and …Read More

Summer challenges on lifestyle blocks

Summer challenges on the land21 hours

As we enter the warmer summer months, we also move into the high-risk period for several nasty diseases, most of these being brought on by …Read More

Patching up Patch1 week

Flaying is a horrible word to describe a hideous medieval torture, but it also describes an unusual injury we sometimes see in animals normally as …Read More

baby bird

Found a baby bird?2 weeks

This is what you need to do:   Visit Bird Rescue NZ to find local bird rescue contacts.

summer safety for pets

Summer Safety Tips2 weeks

Summer is coming and that means it’s time to talk about safety tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy during the hot weather. Heatstroke: …Read More

kendra on horse at beach

Back in the Saddle2 weeks

Now that show season is up and running, we are all thrilled to be back in the saddle. Others are looking forward to a casual …Read More

itchy dog

Itchy dog season – what you need to know1 month

Spring and summer mark a time of increased itchiness in dogs. Not only does the flea population explode, so does the pollen count which can …Read More

Sis the cat with 2 fractured femurs

Little Sis & her 2 fractured legs1 month

What’s worse than breaking your femur? Breaking both your femurs. The femur is the largest bone in the body, and breaking it is no joke. …Read More

angus bull

Bull management1 month

Dr Marc Herrmann, Farm Vet at Franklin Vets Kopu talks Bull Management. Includes what to consider with bull selection, numbers required, on-farm management and assessing …Read More


What do BCS and BMSCC have in common?2 months

At first glance, nothing. However, these two measures are often ignored at this time of the season. They tell us how well we have managed …Read More

Lucy after surgery

Lumps & Bumps – the value of checking early2 months

Too often we find lumps and bumps on animals at vaccination time that have been there for a while but have never been investigated to …Read More

bull soundness

Bull soundness examinations2 months

Dr Tim Batchelor, Farm Vet at Franklin Vets Taupiri talks bull breeding soundness examinations (BSE) – a thorough look at your bulls general health, reproductive …Read More