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Controlling BVD – New screening for your calves5 days

With M.Bovis continuing to dominate rural headlines most of our clients have reviewed their farm biosecurity in an effort to protect their stock. It seems ironic that the coverage of a disease a very low prevalence (<1%) has prompted such …Read More

low average pasture

Liz Macintosh’s Ruminations – Calving onto low pasture cover5 days

With calving coming into full swing, it looks like there are a few issues around the area with low average pasture cover (APC). With different mobs it can be hard to successfully allocate feed, especially in a pinch. Dry cows …Read More

horse and foal

Pre-Foaling Examinations6 days

Foaling season is here and it can be a very nervous time, especially for first time breeders. There are a few simple things that can be done to optimize your broodmare’s health, foal’s health and your own health! Having the …Read More

horse and foal

Foaling6 days

There are a few options for foaling a mare. The first question to answer is if you want to foal your mare at home or in a stud situation. Stud A stud situation is good for several reasons. Reputable studs …Read More

mare and foal

Pregnant Mare Management in Autumn/Winter6 days

Management of your broodmare through the autumn and winter is usually a quiet time. However, there are a few points that are important. The basics are still important and with a pregnant mare you are taking care of the mare …Read More

horse and foal

Preparing your broodmare for spring6 days

We are all getting sick of the rain, cold and mud so it is hard to start thinking about warmer weather, foals being born and re-breeding our mares. Here are just a few tips for preparing your broodmare for the …Read More

Bull in paddock

Mycoplasma bovis and Mating1 week

Mycoplasma is certainly not afraid of making the headlines so it’s probably fair to assume you’ve heard a thing or two about it? One area of dairy herd management and biosecurity that is still prompting a fair amount of discussion …Read More

cows grazing

Latest Mycoplasma bovis update2 weeks

There is a large amount of valuable information being created around Mycoplasma bovis. At present the three best reads are: Guidance for Beef Cattle farmers from Beef & Lamb NZ The MPI produced list of RFID’s – you can download the …Read More

Daisy the calf after debudding

Daisy and friends lose their horn buds4 weeks

What a picturesque morning for a snooze in the sun. Daisy and her friends slept the morning away as we removed their wee horn buds, (known as debudding) so they can grow up safely, without the risk of accidentally hurting …Read More

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Franklin Vets Sheep & Beef Update June 20181 month

The latest Sheep & Beef newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with articles from our vets, including the latest on Mycoplasma bovis, plus all the good deals going at the moment.

cows grazing

Mycoplasma bovis update May 20182 months

What is Mycoplasma bovis? M. bovis is a bacterium that lives in cattle. Until recently, we have not had M. bovis in NZ although other mycoplasma species are recorded in cattle and other farmed animals. Mycoplasma bovis is a fragile …Read More

goat grazing

Beware the resistant worm2 months

Do you have sheep or goats with pooey bums despite appropriate drenching? We have been seeing a rise in parasite resistance in recent years, especially in sheep and goats. This essentially means that certain parasites have been evolving to outsmart …Read More