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lepto vaccination

Lepto 3-way4 hours

Vaccinate your herd to protect your calves – as well as you and your dogs! Leptospirosis (Lepto) is a disease caused by bacteria shed in …Read More

Waihi Vets - a division of Franklin Vets

Waihi Vets merges with the Franklin Vets team2 months

From 1 December 2021, Waihi Vets becomes part of Franklin Vets, a New Zealand owned and operated veterinary practice with 10 clinics across Hauraki, North …Read More

covid traffic lights

Traffic lights are GO!2 months

Level 3.2 has been an interesting phase and we look forward to moving to a traffic light system from midnight Thursday 2nd December. What you …Read More

keep rabbit cool in hutch over summer

Avoid overheating animals in hutches2 months

Hot days can overwhelm pets that live in hutches such as guinea pigs and rabbits. Hutches can provide shelter from the hot sun, but they …Read More

Pussim with pelvic fractures

Pussim’s pelvic injuries2 months

It is common to have more than one injury when a large vehicle hits a small animal (or even a human), and that is particularly …Read More

Franklin Vets Christmas Newsletter

Christmas Farm Newsletter Dec 20212 months

Christmas greetings and articles from the team at Franklin Vets including: The benefits of WelFarm Biosecurity BVD screening of calves Lameness M.bovis heifer testing. Read …Read More

what dog shampoo to use

What shampoo should I use on my pet?2 months

While summer brings us longer and warmer days, it can also upset your pet’s skin. Environmental allergens, like pollen, summer fleas, changes in temperature can …Read More

BVD Screening Calves2 months

Are you thinking about BVD? Yeah, nah, probably not aye? With all the distractions of getting the spring cows back in calf, it’s understandable that …Read More

liver biopsy

Liver Biopsies and Broken Legs in Heifers2 months

On the face of it, these sound like two totally unrelated topics. However, any of you who have suffered the distressing signs of fractured shoulders …Read More

Dry Cow Consults2 months

While the spring calving cows are just getting into their groove and about to hit peak lactation levels, it is time for the autumn calving …Read More

WelFarm audit

The benefits of WelFarm2 months

A big benefit of our WelFarm package is the increased veterinary input and monitoring of your herd’s body condition score (BCS). As part of WelFarm, …Read More

wear a mask

Level 3, Step 2 Update for Equine Clients2 months

Hello Level 3, Step 2! As of Wednesday 10th November, you are now welcome back into our clinics for RETAIL SALES only. However, to keep …Read More