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testing blood for metabolics

Metabolic monitoring5 days

As we begin the new season, for many of you, your focus will be on performance in the season ahead and ensuring your farm systems …Read More


It’s time to vaccinate those autumn calves against lepto6 days

Leptospirosis (“Lepto”) is one of the most common infectious diseases spread from animals to humans. It is considered a workplace hazard for those working with …Read More

biggest Loser pets weight competition

Meet our Biggest Losers2 weeks

Well, the results are in and the winners of our “Biggest Loser” programme have been announced. Check out their pictures and weight loss stories below. …Read More

debudding calves

Additional Pain Relief To Be Given At Debudding Time3 weeks

With the spring calving season upon us, we will soon see an influx of calves being born. Going hand in hand with raising calves is …Read More

pet clinic Coromandel Town

Franklin Vets has arrived in Coromandel Town3 weeks

Do you need a vet for your pet? Pet appointments now available: 435 Kapanga Road, Coromandel Town. Veterinary Services & Supplies. Open 1 – 4pm …Read More

Examples of common things we see

A collection of normal events1 month

Sometimes when we go to a veterinary conference or sit late at night reading the latest journals from around the world, you could be forgiven …Read More

Improve immune function in newborn calves with Multimin1 month

Vets and farmers are very accustomed to managing trace mineral levels in stock to avoid losses incurred due to clinical deficiency. Signs of these deficiencies …Read More

dry period/transition

Transition1 month

It all starts at the very beginning……It’s a very good place to start. We can all agree that it is important to maximise peak milk …Read More

compact calving

Why it’s best to keep it tight – the benefits of a compact calving1 month

More compact calving pattern: Less late calvers cows Less empty cows increased ability to selectively cull Less cows requiring hormonal intervention How compact your calving …Read More

Fonterra Co-Operative Difference Update2 months

With the start of the new season, we see Fonterra giving out an increased milk solid payout for their farmers who meet the requirements of …Read More

Jack the miniature fox terrier

The continuing adventures of Jack2 months

You may recall the little fox terrier Jack, who at the end of 2020 had a dislocated hip that would not stay in place, and …Read More

beef cow and calf

The 5 questions I most commonly get asked by Lifestyle Farmers2 months

How many animals can I run on my property? This is one question that most people should ask but frequently don’t… at least often not …Read More