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cat with ThinKat interactive feeder

The benefits of interactive feeders1 week

One of the five pillars of providing a healthy feline environment is to “provide the opportunity for play and predatory behaviour.” Most of our feline friends don’t have to hunt for their food anymore as we provide a nice big …Read More

Lucky the goat undergoes serious surgery1 week

Lucky has had ongoing issues with her udder; persistent milk production, recurring mastitis, a wound that just won’t heal- and it has been taking a toll on her body. After trying literally everything under the sun, a mastectomy was the …Read More

dairy cows eating

Minerals Though the Transition Period2 weeks

The Transition period, commonly known as the springer period, is the stage at which the cow is transitioning from being a dry cow to a lactating cow. There are two main topics regarding minerals over the transition period; calcium status …Read More

Low calorie treats for the overweight cat2 weeks

We all love to give our cats treats and our cats love to eat them. However, this gets tricky when your feline friend is on the “round” side and needs to lose some weight. So, what are some good options …Read More

Penelope has a deformed jaw- does your Kunekune?4 weeks

The Kunkune is a much-loved and ever-popular breed amongst lifestylers and pig lovers in New Zealand. But here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ you may not know about the Kune. The Kune breed was adopted by the Maori when it was introduced …Read More

Obesity in cats4 weeks

It is estimated that between 39 and 52% of the cats in the UK are overweight or obese. We don’t have figures for New Zealand but they are likely to be very similar. Obesity is when an animal is 20% …Read More

overweight golden retriever

Weighty matters4 weeks

Take it from me, no one wants to hear their pet is overweight. However, just like with us humans, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight will reduce your pet’s risk of disease and injury, as well as contributing to a …Read More

Dr Greg Lindsay vet with dairy cows

Making good decisions about which cows to dry off & which to milk on1 month

It’s no secret that days in milk is a big driver of overall performance on NZ dairy farms and milking well into May is essential for late season cash-flow.  The challenge that everyone faces in early Autumn, is making good …Read More

Dapper’s Dramatic Rescue1 month

On the first wet morning in Waeranga in a while, the fire sirens were sounding and a call came into Franklin Vets Te Kauwhata clinic for a horse that was stuck in a drain and needing sedating before it could be …Read More

Parvovirus – It Doesn’t Go Away2 months

Over the last 2 months there have been many more cases of Parvovirus diagnosed and treated at the Papakura clinic than would be normally seen at this time of year. Parvovirus is a highly infectious disease that causes severe vomiting …Read More

2 itchy dogs

Getting on top of fleas, ticks and worms2 months

If only your pets could talk, they would tell you how annoying fleas and worms are. Here is the lowdown on these pesky little critters and how you can keep on top of them. Fleas Fleas are a problem for …Read More

Fractured shoulders in first calvers2 months

What are your youngstock up too? As many of you will be aware over the last few years, we have seen some farms experiencing first calvers fracturing shoulders during their few months in milk. This is a catastrophic injury for …Read More