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Zeke runs again2 weeks

Damage to the cruciate ligament in the stifle (knee) joint is the most common cause of lameness in a large breed dog. Dislocation of the patella (kneecap) is a very common cause of lameness in small breed dogs. Having both …Read More

Autumn pregnancy scan results so far3 weeks

We have been very impressed with our autumn farms scanning results so far. Most farms are achieving an improvement from last season in terms of their 6-week Incalf rates, with the average 6-sitting at 70%. The average empty rate is …Read More

lice eggs on horse

Mild winter + hot spring = bug paradise!3 weeks

This year we’re getting a lot of queries about mini invaders on horses. Most of us are familiar with the appearance of ticks but this year there are also a few lice about. With early summer-like conditions, small biting flies …Read More


Ear infections – under the microscope4 weeks

Ear infections are an unfortunate secondary complication of skin disease. Occasionally they will occur due to other conditions such as ear mites, foreign bodies in the ear (such as grass seeds) or swimmers ear which is where some water is …Read More

Painter the itchy dog

Taking control of Painter’s itchy skin4 weeks

Painter is a dog who has suffered from itchy skin due to allergies since he was 4 months old, so basically his whole life. Controlling the itch has taken a regime of treatments, one of which is using Allermyl shampoo, …Read More

paddles for mastitis testing

Early Season Milk Quality Review Case Study1 month

Many farmers have battled with somatic cell count, trying to achieve better results and using their herd tests to identify problem animals. Somatic cell count is the easiest way we have of assessing the likelihood of an animal having an …Read More

horse with misshapen growth rings sign of laminitis

The danger time for laminitis prone horses & ponies1 month

Spring has sprung, which means the grass is growing and sunny days are ahead of us! The grass is also excited about the seasons changing and has a particularly high sugar content this time of the year, which can be …Read More

Bull in paddock

Bull mating season preparation1 month

Getting the bull mating part of the mating period right is not hard, but needs a bit of timely planning. Things to think about when preparing for bull mating: Breed Keep in mind that the breed of bull chosen for …Read More

Common health issues in elderly dogs2 months

Just like people, as nutrition and healthcare improve, so does the lifespan of our pets. This inevitably results in an ageing population which has to be cared for. There is much debate as to what constitutes “senior” or “geriatric” in …Read More

Cast versus plate for dog with fractured shin bone2 months

Lily is a lovely 6-year-old Bichon Frise cross, who came into our Pukekohe clinic after catching a hindleg in a tractor. Remarkably, Lily had managed to get away with a single fracture, to the tibia (shin bone). The lower hindleg …Read More

dog under blanket

Helping our furry friends through the fear of fireworks2 months

The loud noises and bright, unfamiliar flashes associated with fireworks can make Guy Fawkes a stressful time for many cats and dogs. Their fear can be seen as panting, excessive vocalisation, crying, soiling and hiding. A few simple measures can …Read More

Franklin Vets Farm Sept 2018 Newsletter

Franklin Vets Farm Update September 20182 months

The latest Dairy, Sheep & Beef newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with articles from our vets, including the latest on Mycoplasma bovis, plus all the good deals going at the moment.