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Franklin Vets Farm Newsletter July 2020

Farm Newsletter – July 20204 days

Franklin Vets July 2020 Farm newsletter with articles relevant to Dairy, Beef & Sheep farmers. Includes: Social license to farm Rearing heifers for maximum production …Read More

senior dog

The Value in Health Checks for your Senior Pets1 week

Many of us can already relate to the effects of ageing, where the mind is willing, but the body is not. Ageing is the effect …Read More

Max after his operation

Max’s swollen ear1 week

Max woke up one day with a swollen, very sore ear. Inside the ear felt OK but the pinna (cone of the ear) was blown …Read More

Kitten playing with toy

Help! My cat is peeing everywhere…1 week

Does this sound familiar? Inappropriate house-soiling (or peeing or pooping in the wrong place) is the number one cause of re-homing and euthanasia in cats. …Read More

pain relief

Pain relief for your herd3 weeks

Pain is a major cause of lost productivity and reduced animal welfare. Appropriate PAIN MANAGEMENT will improve your herds animal welfare and productivity and help …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

Franklin Vets Level 1 Update4 weeks

We are sure you enjoyed hearing the news that we no longer have any active COVID-19 cases in NZ and the move to Alert Level …Read More

Need Spring First Aid Training for your Farm Workers?1 month

Come along to a Franklin Vets Spring First Training session run by Dr Ilyse Jennens. 2 hour classroom session covering: How to identify the cause …Read More

Ari boxer colitis

Diagnosing Boxer Colitis1 month

Ari is a 10-month-old female Boxer who came into our Pukekohe clinic suffering from diarrhoea for about a week, sometimes with blood seen in the …Read More

overweight pets

Overweight pets1 month

Obesity is one of the most common health problems seen by veterinarians. Overweight pets have a shorter life expectancy when compared to those that are …Read More

weimaraner puppy

What is a parvo titre test and why should I do it?2 months

Now that text reminders are starting again, those of you with 6-month-old puppies may receive a text reminder about parvovirus titre testing. So, what does …Read More

calves in paddock

Unite against calf scours2 months

We’ve nailed hygiene with Covid-19, now why can’t we do it with calf rearing?! Obviously a calf scour outbreak isn’t comparable to a global pandemic, …Read More

liver biopsy

Do your cattle have enough copper reserves for winter & calving?2 months

Copper is an essential mineral for cattle that helps in a variety of animal processes. These are mainly surrounding growth so the risk of copper …Read More