Our People's Stories

Dr Greg Lindsay scanning cows

Dr Greg Lindsay

Director & Veterinarian  |  Kopu

I started with Franklin Vets as a new-grad out of Massey University working between the Pukekohe companion animal and Te Kauwhata large animal branches in a mixed practice role.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Pukekohe, I gravitated more towards the large animal side of veterinary medicine and settled into a primarily dairy & dry stock role in our Te Kauwhata Clinic. Having grown my skillset and experience in Te Kauwhata I was offered a position as practice partner and was tasked with opening a new clinic in the town of Kopu, in the Hauraki-Coromandel District. We have been in Kopu for three years now, and have grown what was a garage start-up into a vibrant and sustainable clinic, creating new relationships, and providing the Franklin Vets standard of care to this group of valued clients – both farm and companion animal alike.

As an undergrad veterinarian, I had always seen Franklin Vets as industry leaders, particularly so on the farm services front, but also across their companion animal side. This along with positive and engaging people that I met while doing practical work as a student certainly swayed me towards choosing a job with Franklin Vets.

What motivates me is working alongside clients, veterinarians and other staff to achieve a high level of performance on the farms we are involved with and helping both our clients and our people grow and achieve.

As a young graduate, getting some worldly experience through travel was important to me. Franklin Vets was very accommodating, allowing me to take 1.5 months and then 3.5 months off at different stages to explore South-East Asia and then South America.  Although not directly related to veterinary medicine, this travel certainly opened my eyes and helped my overall growth.

Dr Kris Brownlee Veterinarian

Dr Kris Brownlee

Regional Manager, Shareholder & Veterinarian  |  Taupiri


Dr Sarah Clews vet

Dr Sarah Clews

Lifestyle Farm Vet  |  Pukekohe/Papakura

I trained at Massey University, graduating in 2017 and jumping straight into work with Franklin Vets. My role is predominantly working with lifestyle block clients, and I have a passion for all things great and small, from cows, pigs and goats, all the way to the family dog and backyard chooks. I am based out of the Papakura clinic, and you also will find me working in the small animal clinic in Papakura.

Prior to working for Franklin Vets, I had a colourful life. I originally completed a degree in animal behaviour and worked as a dog trainer before heading overseas for about 7 years. I offered medical care to elephants in Thailand, studied wolf behaviour in the Rockies, trained horses in Ohio and cared for the many rescued cats and dogs from the Bangkok floods. My Veterinary degree has since taken me to work in aid programs across the Myanmar countryside and work with wildlife and stray populations in South Africa.

Franklin Vets appealed to me because of the fantastic workplace, varied role, and large lifestyle block clientele. Having grown up Noahs-ark style, on a piece of land with 2 of every animal, I find true pleasure in working closely with clients to keep their animals as happy and healthy as possible.

I also love working for a BESTPRACTICE approved clinic, holding ourselves to the highest standards and offering the most up-to-date practices. I  thoroughly enjoyed my first few years of getting to know the local community and after 8months of maternity leave I am back part-time working with our Lifestyle clients.

Kirsty Hannaford

Kirsty Hannaford

Customer Services Team Leader |  Pukekohe

I have been with Franklin Vets for a decade after returning home from time spent living/working in Australia. Prior to my current maternity leave, I lead the Customer Service team at the Pukekohe clinic for over a year after coming back from maternity leave. Prior to that I was the head nurse at our Pukekohe clinic and managed a growing team of 10 veterinary nurses.

Upon knowing I was returning home to New Zealand, and having already worked in a couple of veterinary clinics, I knew I wanted to work in a large, up to date/modern clinic with high standards for patient care along with advanced imaging and diagnostic equipment. I thrive on multitasking, a busy environment and embrace complex cases and that’s exactly what I got, and continue to get at Franklin Vets. No day is the same and you never know what could walk through the door.

Amongst the variety of different cases and treatments required, our in-house laboratory is definitely one of my passions. Not only do I enjoy running the different kinds of samples and tests, but our in-house Idexx setup means we can get results quick smart for our patients, which is critical to get the right treatment started as soon as possible.

Julia Harrison

Julia Millen

Inventory Manager  |  Pukekohe Clinic

I graduated from Massey in 2004 with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and have worked as a vet nurse since then. I started at Franklin Vets Pukekohe in 2009 as the Head Veterinary Nurse, had my daughter in 2012, returned to Franklin Vets in 2014 as the Inventory Manager in charge of stock ordering, management, promotions and product lines. I had my son in 2018 and after 6-months maternity leave, I returned to this position in 2019.

I was attracted to working at Franklin Vets because it is a progressive clinic with good career opportunities.

My favourite part about working here is that I work with great bunch of people. My role allows for travel to all eight branches which means a variety of locations and people to work with.

I have found Franklin Vets flexible with accommodating its peoples’ lifestyle commitments, and I believe this makes for happier employees. In the past, I was predominantly a solo parent, and my role allowed me to work from home and on the road as needed. This, in turn, allowed me to prioritise my daughter when I needed to, letting me fulfil both my personal and work duties 100%.

Lisa Berge Farm & Equine Accounts

Lisa Berge

Customer Service Team Leader  |  Paeroa Vets

I’ve been with Franklin Vets for just over 15 years.  I started part-time doing data entry/accounts and large animal reception support. The role grew into full-time debtor management and customer care. My partner and I then decided to move South and I am now the Customer Service Team Leader at Paeroa Vets.

I was attracted to Franklin Vets because it was a local company offering me part-time hours and I had a general interest in farm animals.

My favourite parts of working for Franklin Vets are my colleagues and our clients. Although the company has grown significantly in staff numbers, for me it still has the feel of a ‘family company’.

Franklin Vets has been very supportive of my family and all that it entails. Whether it’s a sports day, a sick child or you just need to juggle your usual hours to allow time for something personal, it’s never a problem.  In a nutshell, everyone supports one another.