COVID 19 level 4

COVID 19 Level 4 Update August 20212 months

Vets are viewed as an essential service, so we continue to be here for you 24/7. If you need to see us, call your local …Read More

Dr Blair van Dyk Veterinarian

Ryegrass staggers8 months

Dr Blair van Dyk, farm vet at Franklin Vets Papakura discusses ryegrass staggers in ruminants. Includes what it is, how to spot it and how …Read More

COVID 19 update for farmers

Farm Vet Services at Level 2 & 38 months

Here we go again but with some experience under our belts as to how the various levels work. We have taken on board the feedback …Read More

facial eczema in ruminants

Eczema – same, same but different! Part 19 months

There are a variety of diseases and disorders that inflict themselves upon livestock in this country. None of which have the potential to be as …Read More

Eczema – Part 29 months

In our previous article we discussed the family of diseases grouped together and known as Eczema’s but in reality, are a form of photosensitization (extreme …Read More

Dr Jordan Lay veterinarian talks down cows

Facial Eczema Prevention9 months

Dr Jordan Lay, Farm Vet at Franklin Vets Taupiri discusses the options for facial eczema prevention.

grass samples for FE spore counts

Facial Eczema Spore Counting9 months

FE Alert! We are seeing higher than usual spore counts for this time of year, with some areas hitting 120,000 at last weeks count! Anything …Read More

waterway on farm

Healthy waterways & what the new legislation means for you1 year

With the focus on plenty of other things recently, you could be forgiven for not having kept up with the progress of the Action for …Read More

Franklin Vets July Newsletter

Farm Newsletter – July 20201 year

Franklin Vets July 2020 Farm newsletter with articles relevant to Dairy, Beef & Sheep farmers. Includes: Social license to farm Rearing heifers for maximum production …Read More

pain relief

Pain relief for your herd1 year

Pain is a major cause of lost productivity and reduced animal welfare. Appropriate PAIN MANAGEMENT will improve your herds animal welfare and productivity and help …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

COVID-19 Level 2 Vet services for farmers1 year

At alert level 2, we can provide a full range of veterinary services, so long as we take the following measures to keep everyone safe. …Read More


Rapid return to work for broken farm dog1 year

Jock is a very excitable 9-month old Border Collie cross farm dog, who fell off a bike recently and fractured his hind leg. As usual, …Read More