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Clostridial Vaccines5 days

Clostridial diseases are a group of infections that cause sudden death in animals. There are dozens of different Clostridial species, some of these diseases are common and well known such as tetanus and blackleg however, there are many diseases that …Read More

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Changes to Animal Welfare Act1 month

New Zealand is not only the world leaders in rugby, men’s shot put and mince n’ cheese pies! We also have the claim to being one of the top countries in the world for Animal Welfare assessed by the global …Read More

Lake Waikare with farmland

Sustainable agriculture around Te Kauwhata2 months

Jim Cotman and Trevor Simpson are both dairy farm owners in the Te Kauwhata, north Waikato area. They have been working together, and with other primary stakeholders, to understand and help put policy together around water management on dairy and …Read More

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Antibiotic Resistance – What does it mean for me?2 months

There is no doubt that antibiotics were one of the most important discoveries of the 20th Century. They have undoubtedly saved millions of lives both human and animal, but have also made farming systems possible that otherwise would be unsustainable. …Read More

BVD – A beef farmers approach2 months

The Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) virus is widespread throughout New Zealand; an estimated 65% of all beef herds have an active BVD infection (BVD carriers in the herd) at any one time and 80% of all cattle herds (including dairy) …Read More

Salmonella – What is it and what can you do about it?2 months

  Let’s be honest here, we’ve all had or have had someone close to you experience a bought of salmonella. In humans, it’s a bad version of an Indian spicy vindaloo running out the back end on a Friday night. …Read More

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Mycoplasma bovis and Mating2 months

Mycoplasma is certainly not afraid of making the headlines so it’s probably fair to assume you’ve heard a thing or two about it? One area of dairy herd management and biosecurity that is still prompting a fair amount of discussion …Read More

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Latest Mycoplasma bovis update3 months

There is a large amount of valuable information being created around Mycoplasma bovis. At present the three best reads are: Mycoplasma bovis response, Stakeholder update 100, 20 July 2018. Guidance for Beef Cattle farmers from Beef & Lamb NZ The MPI …Read More

Daisy the calf after debudding

Daisy and friends lose their horn buds3 months

What a picturesque morning for a snooze in the sun. Daisy and her friends slept the morning away as we removed their wee horn buds, (known as debudding) so they can grow up safely, without the risk of accidentally hurting …Read More

Beef & Sheep Newsletter

Franklin Vets Sheep & Beef Update June 20184 months

The latest Sheep & Beef newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with articles from our vets, including the latest on Mycoplasma bovis, plus all the good deals going at the moment.

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Mycoplasma bovis FAQs4 months

What is Mycoplasma bovis? M. bovis is a bacterium that lives in cattle. Until recently, we have not had M. bovis in NZ although other mycoplasma species are recorded in cattle and other farmed animals. Mycoplasma bovis is a fragile …Read More

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Beware the resistant worm4 months

Do you have sheep or goats with pooey bums despite appropriate drenching? We have been seeing a rise in parasite resistance in recent years, especially in sheep and goats. This essentially means that certain parasites have been evolving to outsmart …Read More