Franklin Vets July Newsletter

Farm Newsletter – July 20201 week

Franklin Vets July 2020 Farm newsletter with articles relevant to Dairy, Beef & Sheep farmers. Includes: Social license to farm Rearing heifers for maximum production …Read More

pain relief

Pain relief for your herd4 weeks

Pain is a major cause of lost productivity and reduced animal welfare. Appropriate PAIN MANAGEMENT will improve your herds animal welfare and productivity and help …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

COVID-19 Level 2 Vet services for farmers2 months

At alert level 2, we can provide a full range of veterinary services, so long as we take the following measures to keep everyone safe. …Read More


Rapid return to work for broken farm dog2 months

Jock is a very excitable 9-month old Border Collie cross farm dog, who fell off a bike recently and fractured his hind leg. As usual, …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

What does Level 3 mean to farmers? COVID-19 Update2 months

At alert level 3, we can provide a full range of veterinary services, so long as your workers and our team are kept safe, as …Read More

facial eczema spores

Keeping an Eye on Facial Eczema in Dry Stock3 months

While New Zealand is on hold, facial eczema spores are not. Spore counts are relatively static and there is no reason to believe they will …Read More

sheep grazing

Knockout Drenching3 months

Sheep Farmers, you should read this! Drench resistance is an increasing problem with multiple cases of triple drench resistance being reported throughout the country. This …Read More

calves in paddock

How have your calves and heifers fared through the drought?3 months

Unfortunately, these groups are usually the ones struggling the most with extra supplement often put into milking cows ahead of young stock. Those regularly weighing …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

Farm update re COVID-194 months

Vets are viewed as an essential service, so we continue to be here for you 24/7. If you need to see us, call your local …Read More

Using dry faecal matter to monitor your cow’s facial eczema protection status6 months

Summer is here! Time for sunshine, beach holidays and spores! Yes, facial eczema season is here and with it, the bags of zinc, dispensers, containers …Read More

facial eczema spores

What is facial eczema?6 months

Facial eczema is a disease where liver damage means cattle become highly sensitive to sunlight and white areas of skin blister and peel resulting in …Read More

Mating management – service bulls and semen10 months

Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis) is spread from infected to uninfected groups of cattle through the movement of cattle and the feeding of milk containing the …Read More