angus bull

Bull management2 weeks

Dr Marc Herrmann, Farm Vet at Franklin Vets Kopu talks Bull Management. Includes what to consider with bull selection, numbers required, on-farm management and assessing …Read More


What do BCS and BMSCC have in common?2 weeks

At first glance, nothing. However, these two measures are often ignored at this time of the season. They tell us how well we have managed …Read More

bull soundness

Bull soundness examinations3 weeks

Dr Tim Batchelor, Farm Vet at Franklin Vets Taupiri talks bull breeding soundness examinations (BSE) – a thorough look at your bulls general health, reproductive …Read More

Get the best return on your mastitis spend3 weeks

With greater compliance auditing of antibiotics on-farm, determining which drugs are most appropriate for your farm is something which is going to become more important …Read More

weighing calves

Weaning calves3 weeks

Now that the replacement calves have all arrived you, their next milestone is weaning. While it may be tempting to get this done as soon …Read More

jersey dairy cow

Mating – How is it going?3 weeks

The season has been kind and cows seem to be in good condition, so we expect mating to be going well. Advice is to look …Read More

cows on heat

Early Mating Progress Checks4 weeks

Dr Matt Wong from Franklin Vets Te Kauwhata talks Early Mating Progress Checks. Hopefully, everyone has gotten off to a good start. Certainly, the weather …Read More

tailpaint heat detection mating

Why wait for your cows to cycle?1 month

Most farmers in the area are now heading towards the tail end of their calving period with just the last few girls still to join …Read More

Dr Ilyse Jennens, Veterinarian Franklin Vets Waitakarururian

Heifer synchrony1 month

Dr Ilyse Jennens, Branch Manager at Franklin Vets Waitakaruru discusses heifer synchrony, what it is and why it is a good idea for your farm …Read More

DAIRYANTIBIOGRAM (DAB) bulk milk test2 months

Elanco NZ and Fonterra Co-operative Group have joined forces to collaborate on the use of the DAIRYANTIBIOGRAM (DAB) bulk milk test. This will help co-op …Read More

Dr Neil Murray Paeroa Vets

Premating heats and heat detection aids2 months

Dr Neil Murray, Farm Vet at Paeroa Vets discusses premating heats and heat detection aids.

tailpaint heat detection mating

Why wait – submit cycling cows earlier2 months

With the official first day of spring just gone, many of you will be stocking up on your tail paint, lining up your bulls and …Read More