When to drench? The ins and outs of Eprinex11 hours

With dry off imminent (or completed for some of you!) using a drench in your herd management program should be on the horizon. The question …Read More

Body condition score 5 target3 days

Following a severe drought, there are many cows around that are lighter than normal for this time of year. As we look to plan for …Read More

calves in paddock

How have your calves and heifers fared through the drought?3 days

Unfortunately, these groups are usually the ones struggling the most with extra supplement often put into milking cows ahead of young stock. Those regularly weighing …Read More

Salmonella Franklin Vets Case Study

Salmonella outbreak strikes hard4 days

When Ereine and René Vos first noticed one or two of their cows starting to look a bit off-colour early last October they weren’t sure …Read More

Beware the rains of March4 days

Julius Caesar was assassinated by members of his senate on the Ides of March (15th March) in 44BC. This was an important day in Roman …Read More

facial eczema spores

Keeping an Eye on Facial Eczema 4 days

While New Zealand is on hold, facial eczema spores are not. Spore counts are relatively static and there is no reason to believe they will …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

Farm update re COVID-192 weeks

Vets are viewed as an essential service, so we continue to be here for you 24/7. If you need to see us, call your local …Read More

calves feeding

Colostrum key to healthy calves2 weeks

Get your colostrum feeding right, and you’ll be going a long way towards raising healthy replacement calves. That’s the advice of Jo Holter, Veterinary Technical …Read More

dairy cows eating

Autumn calving on low pasture covers2 weeks

Obvious statement alert! Getting cows up and milking relies on plenty of good quality feed at the right time. So, what happens when pasture is …Read More

heifers at fence

Drought update3 weeks

It is great to hear the rain on the roof as I type this, but it will take a bit more than what is forecast …Read More


Autumn Milk Quality3 weeks

Within the last day of writing this, the outbreak of Coronavirus has been classified as a pandemic. The source of the virus is thought to …Read More

mastitis testing

Treating mastitis3 weeks

As many of you know, mastitis is one of the most common diseases your cows will face on a dairy farm. As with all disease, …Read More