bull power

Bull Power2 weeks

Mating brings with it a significant busyness with multiple mobs to manage, cropping paddocks to prepare, and the odd cow still to calve (ideally not!) …Read More

Getting the most out of your herd test data2 weeks

Herd testing is currently underway or completed, and the data from these can be really useful for a number of reasons. Production How are the …Read More

testing blood for metabolics

M.bovis testing for replacement heifers2 weeks

You will all no doubt be aware of the regular Mycoplasma bovis surveillance testing through bulk tank milk. The start of the season brings with …Read More

Time to Mate2 weeks

By now everyone will be either about to kick into mating or well into the thick of some big AI days. Ideally, tail paint will …Read More

farm veterinary care under levels 2, 3 & 4

Farm Veterinary Care at Levels 2, 3 & 41 month

Hello, Levels 2, 3 & 4! Yes, that is what we have across our practice. Below is information, relevant to those in both levels 2 …Read More

Body Condition Score at Mating and its impact on Reproduction1 month

Based on data recorded in MINDA, LIC were able to look at the BCS of nearly 200,000 cows prior to mating, and how they got …Read More

bull soundness

Ensure your bulls meet their potential with Hiprabovis 3 vaccination1 month

For breeding bulls to achieve their full potential they need to achieve high conception rates during the mating period. They are often required to serve …Read More

Premating Planning2 months

Now it’s September and most cows have calved it’s time to turn our attention to premating planning to ensure next year’s production. If you haven’t …Read More

COVID 19 level 4

COVID 19 Level 4 Update August 20212 months

Vets are viewed as an essential service, so we continue to be here for you 24/7. If you need to see us, call your local …Read More

mating time

Sign up now for our Mating Workshop3 months

Upskill your farm team for the coming season Two-hour classroom session covering: How to understand reproductive measures and targets Physiology of normal cow cycling Heat …Read More

Dairy Farm Newsletter August 20213 months

Contents include: Metabolic monitoring Why wait? Synchronisation program Maintaining a low BMSCC Nourish calf meal testimony Additional pain relief to be given at debudding time …Read More

testing blood for metabolics

Metabolic monitoring3 months

As we begin the new season, for many of you, your focus will be on performance in the season ahead and ensuring your farm systems …Read More