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3-week submission rate key to good in-calf rates3 weeks

Achieving good herd in-calf rates are a critical part of a successful dairy farm operation. 3-week submission rate is one of the key ingredients to achieving your target 6-week in calf rate. Are you putting up enough cows to hit …Read More

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Managing your Bulls4 weeks

Most farms will be getting ready to put their bulls out with the cows for the tail end of the mating period. It is vital that you know that each bull is doing his job out there. The gold standard …Read More


Healthy calves = well-grown replacement heifers4 weeks

While mating is in full swing and keeping everyone very busy, it is still important your calves are not forgotten. Setting and following a program for your calves helps build a healthy and well-grown group of replacement heifers. The focus …Read More

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How can I tell if BVD is present on my farm?4 weeks

Why is BVD important? Bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) is a widespread viral disease of cattle in New Zealand. Recent figures estimate losses at about $150 million for the dairy industry, $220 per cow, or over $70,000 for the average infected …Read More

Dairy newsletter Oct 2019

October Dairy Newsletter1 month

In this edition read about: Heat detection Are you getting the most out of your herd tests? Pregnancy testing in Autumn herds Bull fertility What is that mastitis bacteria? Benchmarking with Welfarm Read more…  

Mating management – service bulls and semen2 months

Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis) is spread from infected to uninfected groups of cattle through the movement of cattle and the feeding of milk containing the bacteria. The risk of transmission via semen is low. Testing for M. bovis There is …Read More

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How do you know your bulls are up to standard?2 months

With mating just around the corner, do you know how many bulls you will need for your herd? Do you know how well your bulls will perform?  Be confident you have made the right decisions before mating begins. Bulls play …Read More

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Non-cycler treatment for highest in-calf rates3 months

Give non-cyclers a helping hand – Timely intervention = best payback True or false? Treating non-cycling cows breeds for infertility. False! Most cows that fail to ovulate by the planned start of mating (PSM) are later calvers or are in energy …Read More

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Body Condition Score (BCS) change to mating3 months

With calving almost over its time to start thinking about the plan for the next few months coming up to mating. The body condition score of the herd is a key area to keep an eye on to help ensure this mating …Read More

Bayer tailpaint

Get your tail paint on3 months

Every heat detected leading to a pregnancy ensures an average 25kg MS in production in the following season (21 days x 1.2kg milk solids = 25kg) and conversely, every missed heat loses you around $250 dollars. This means that heat …Read More

The benefits of synchronising heifers3 months

Fast forward your genetic gain by synchronising heifers for more milk, faster. Genomic selection. Speed-breeding. DNA screening. Call it what you will, modern biotechnology has given us the ability to breed better animals, faster, in ways that would have seemed …Read More

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NOURISH – delivering better heifers into our dairy herds4 months

NOURISH calf meal has been part of the Franklin Vets nutrition range for a few years now. Designed to grow calves to their full potential, this product is now firmly established in the local calf meal market thanks to the …Read More