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Calf immunity1 week

Antibodies are essential for a healthy immune system. Calves receive no antibodies from their dam while in the womb. They are entirely reliant on absorbing antibodies from the colostrum feeds in the first 12-24 hours to get the immunity to …Read More

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Dairy Newsletter July 20193 weeks

In our latest dairy pre-calving newsletter: Using milk culture for prevention and treatment of mastitis BVD update M. bovis update Disbudding Magnesium supplementation NZVA dairy cattle representation.  

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Leptospirosis2 months

Leptospirosis has been with us for so long now and vaccination has been commonplace in the market for several decades, that we take its presence and control for granted. While the agricultural sector has made huge strides in preventing leptospirosis …Read More

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Animal welfare and disbudding – Are you leading the way?2 months

Recently Bayer has been hosting Animal Wellbeing and Sustainable Dairy evenings around the country, with speakers discussing their research into new products. One presentation discussed the findings from a study of the pain associated with calf disbudding. Calf disbudding is …Read More

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Tail paint and heat detection in autumn calvers2 months

Every heat detected ensures an average 25kg MS in production in the following season (21 days x 1.2kg milk solids = 25kg) and conversely, every missed heat loses you around $250 dollars. This means that heat detection is an important …Read More

Metrichecking – early treatment is the way to go2 months

The experts say: Early treatment is the way to go! Three reasons for metrichecking early this season: Check early or miss the signs – The uterus contracts down from its massive size at pregnancy to its pre-pregnant size over just 3 weeks. …Read More

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Futureproof your herd with our Calf WOF2 months

Do you know how well you are rearing your calves? Do you know the benefits of achieving best practice standards? Book one of our large animal vets to take you through our Calf WOF 60 minute assessment. It will quantify …Read More

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Getting the calf shed ready2 months

Once you have dried off then it is time for you to have a well-earned break!  It is also the time when planning and organisation can go a long way to setting you up well for next season. Having your …Read More

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The importance of pre-calving vaccinations2 months

In the next few weeks, most of the spring calving cows are to be dried off with both cows and farmers will be taking some well-deserved rest. Unfortunately, this does not mean we can turn the cows out to pasture …Read More

It’s Elementary: The Ins and Outs of Liver Biopsies2 months

Do you know the copper status of your herd? It’s the season for mineral checks and liver biopsies are by far the best way to monitor. The resulting data allows assessment of the adequacy of your supplement program vs blood …Read More

Franklin Vets April 2019 farm newsletter

Franklin Vets Farm Update April 20193 months

The latest news from the large animal team including: Teatsealing – Why didn’t I do this sooner? What can you do with undergrown first calving heifers? The return of the Heifer Cup Competition Every quarter needs protection – DCT update Knockout drenching – what …Read More

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Minerals Though the Transition Period4 months

The Transition period, commonly known as the springer period, is the stage at which the cow is transitioning from being a dry cow to a lactating cow. There are two main topics regarding minerals over the transition period; calcium status …Read More