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Levels 2, 3 & 4 Update for Equine Veterinary Care1 month

Hello Level 3! What does this mean for you and your equine friends? Level 3 means we can offer non-essential services, so long as we …Read More

Spring horse wellness2 months

Vaccines It is good to make sure your horse is up to date on its routine vaccines before showing season is in full swing. We …Read More

Equine COVID Update

COVID 19 Update to Equine Clients2 months

Vets are viewed as an essential service, so we continue to be here for you 24/7 for emergencies. If you need to see us, call …Read More

Winter hoof care: Don’t get slack with a hoof crack!3 months

Is your horse having hoof issues this winter? The cold, wet weather can make it difficult to keep up with hoof care and it can …Read More

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Level 2 Equine Veterinary Care8 months

Thank goodness we are back to Level 2 and our equine vets can get back to business as usual, with safety measures in place. LEVEL …Read More

equine vet care level 3

Changes to Level 3 Services for Equine Clients8 months

Here we go again but fortunately, the Level 3 equine vet care rules are slightly relaxed from previous lockdowns. Level 3 means we can offer …Read More

COVID 19 update for farmers

Equine Vet Care during Level 2 & 38 months

Here we go again. Luckily we created safe systems for equine veterinary care during the last lockdowns and so we are still able to provide …Read More

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Tick trouble?9 months

It’s tick time of year and we are getting a lot of requests from our equine clients about how to deal with these pesky little …Read More

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Back in the Saddle11 months

Now that show season is up and running, we are all thrilled to be back in the saddle. Others are looking forward to a casual …Read More

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Spotting & Treating Foot Abscesses1 year

Foot abscesses in horses are very common and painful. Foot abscesses can be caused by anything from a stone bruise to an infection, to a …Read More

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COVID-19 Level 2 Equine Vet Services Update1 year

At alert level 2, we can provide a full range of equine veterinary services for your horses so long as we take the following measures …Read More

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Equine veterinary services during level 31 year

At alert level 3, we can provide a full range of equine veterinary services, so long as your family and our team are kept safe, …Read More