kendra on horse at beach

Back in the Saddle2 months

Now that show season is up and running, we are all thrilled to be back in the saddle. Others are looking forward to a casual …Read More

equine hoof abscess

Spotting & Treating Foot Abscesses6 months

Foot abscesses in horses are very common and painful. Foot abscesses can be caused by anything from a stone bruise to an infection, to a …Read More

horse eye

COVID-19 Level 2 Equine Vet Services Update8 months

At alert level 2, we can provide a full range of equine veterinary services for your horses so long as we take the following measures …Read More

horse crush equine dental

Equine veterinary services during level 39 months

At alert level 3, we can provide a full range of equine veterinary services, so long as your family and our team are kept safe, …Read More

Dr Melissa Sim Equine Vet

How to lockdown series9 months

During lockdown there are some restrictions on when we can visit you so we thought these videos with our equine vets Dr Kendra McLeod & …Read More

horse grazing close to ground

There’s a silent war on our paddocks, and the parasites are winning…10 months

For the most part, intestinal worms are harmless critters living in low numbers putting very little strain on a healthy grazing animal’s system. However, when …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

COVID-19 Update to Equine Clients10 months

Vets are viewed as an essential service, so we continue to be here for you 24/7. If you need to see us, call your local …Read More

horses in dusty conditions

Coughs & knocks1 year

As we’re heading into summer, the days (and time for riding!) are getting longer and the ground is getting harder. Horses carry 60% of their …Read More

horse grazing close to ground

Assessing worm burdens in your horses1 year

The weather this spring is exactly what worms love to thrive and we’re seeing lots of poo samples being dropped at the clinic from owners …Read More

sport horse dressage

Keeping your sport horse in tip-top shape1 year

The weather is getting warmer and we’re excited that everyone is getting more riding time in. Here are a few tips to keep your sport …Read More

Equine Dental Examinations – What to expect1 year

Dental disease in horses was reported as early as the Romans but it wasn’t until recent times that a real focus on research into equine …Read More

The dangers of sweet spring grass1 year

Horses are grazers designed to use fibrous material (such as grass and hay) as an energy source. However, the grasses horses were designed to eat …Read More