October newsletter

Franklin Vets Update October 20171 week

The latest newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with articles, ads, and even a competition!

Sparky acupuncture

How can acupuncture help my horse?2 weeks

Acupuncture is a beneficial adjunctive therapy for many issues including muscle soreness and tension, chronic pain (eg. Arthritis, laminitis), nerve damage, immune stimulation, and much more. Acupuncture cannot fix a hoof abscess, or cure arthritis, and a complete lameness workup …Read More

Equine ‘Run Days’ are here1 month

The Franklin Vets Equine team is giving you a great opportunity to save on mileage by starting weekly equine run days to the Clevedon, North Waikato and the Waiuku/Awhitu areas. Don’t miss out – book in advance. Call Sandra on …Read More

seedy toe

Seedy toe1 month

Seedy toe (sometimes called White Line Disease) is separation of the hoof wall and the laminae which happens commonly in wet or muddy paddock conditions. It is an opportunistic disease, meaning that it takes advantage of a compromise in the …Read More

black foal

Newborn Foal Checks2 months

Having newborns around can be an exciting but worrying time for owners and breeders, even those with years’ of experience. A few basic rules and checks can help you optimise the future health of precious new arrivals and detect early …Read More

Large animal August newsletter cover

Franklin Vets Update August 20172 months

The latest newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with some articles, opinion pieces, and even a competition! Futureproof your herd with our CalfWOF service BVD – the next step Win a g-shock watch 10 tips for handling …Read More

horse grazing

Equine survey feedback2 months

Firstly, thanks to all of you who responded to our recent survey. We had a really encouraging number of responses and we were humbled by some of the amazing feedback we received. While responses were generally positive, we always have …Read More

Equine emergencies and first aid3 months

At our recent Equine Information evening, Dr Kara Watson gave an informative talk on all you need to know about equine emergencies and first aid. This covers: Being prepared What is an emergency and when to call Franklin Vets Equine …Read More

Drenching and worm control in horses3 months

At our recent Equine Information evening, Dr Katie Kindleysides BVSc gave a very interesting talk on all you need to know about drenching and worm control in horses. If you would like to see this presentation again, watch the movie …Read More

Katie horsecrush

Need Vet care for your Pony Club?4 months

Our dedicated equine vets are passionate about providing preventative care to ensure the optimum health of your pony. Bringing our mobile horse crush to your pony club ensures a safe working environment for you, your pony and the vets. For more …Read More

June 2017 Newsletter

Franklin Vets Update June 20174 months

The latest newsletter from the large animal team at Franklin Vets with articles, opinion pieces, a bit of humour and even a recipe! Why optimising trace element levels matters We need to talk about AMR Calf Roadshow 2017 Welfarm TEATSEAL …Read More

It’s not all about the drench5 months

Drenching our grazing animals is often seen as the single solution to dealing with internal parasites (worms). However, resistance of internal parasites to drenches is an increasingly serious issue facing not only large  commercial sheep farms, but anyone who grazes …Read More