Lucky the goat undergoes serious surgery1 week

Lucky has had ongoing issues with her udder; persistent milk production, recurring mastitis, a wound that just won’t heal- and it has been taking a toll on her body. After trying literally everything under the sun, a mastectomy was the …Read More

Penelope has a deformed jaw- does your Kunekune?4 weeks

The Kunkune is a much-loved and ever-popular breed amongst lifestylers and pig lovers in New Zealand. But here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ you may not know about the Kune. The Kune breed was adopted by the Maori when it was introduced …Read More

Dr Sarah Clews with chicken

Wrinkles, Crinkles and odd-ball shells – What’s going on with my eggs?3 months

Oh, the ‘Green Dream’. We all long for the countryside cottage with a handful of lazy chooks hanging about, laying eggs for the family table. But what happens when those eggs start arriving warped, wrinkled or looking generally odd. Are …Read More

flystrike - sheep

Flystrike – All creatures great and small4 months

Flystrike is a serious disease that affects approximately 2 million sheep yearly in NZ, and any sheep farmer knows this game well. Ironically, the large culprit is the Australian Green Blow Fly. Classic. They get Phar Lap, pavlova and Russell …Read More

sheep and lamb

How many animals can I run on my property?4 months

Spring time, that beautiful season where the grass grows lush. But don’t let it lure you into a false sense of bountiful feed! Come mid-summer, grass growth falls off and if you’re not careful you may find yourself having to …Read More

lamb milk rumenitis

Fluffy the lamb’s recovery from milk rumenitis6 months

This is “Fluffy-bum” (another child-anointed name). Let’s call him Fluffy. Fluffy had always seemed shy, quiet and pensive. According to his foster mum, he had never bleated, jumped or played with the other lambs, and just seemed, all-round, unenthusiastic. Which …Read More

mr waffles and sarah in vet ute

Mr Waffles’ blocked urethra7 months

Mr Waffles lives with his best friend Lola… And he is the boss. But everything changed the day he developed crystals in his urine, which formed a blockage in the urethra (the tube that carries urine to the outside world). …Read More

Ewe in hammock sling for nerve damage

Chloe the ewe’s hammock therapy for nerve damage8 months

Chloe the ewe was another victim to Sleepy Sickness, where her energy intake could not meet the demands of her multiple lambs during pregnancy. However, this was not her only hurdle. Feeling unwell, Chloe found herself nestled up in a …Read More

triplet lambs born after c-section

Caesarean for ewe with sleepy sickness8 months

Pregnancy ketosis, or “sleepy sickness” is an illness that affects pregnant ewes in the third trimester of pregnancy. The illness is caused by excessive fat breakdown to meet the ewe’s energy requirements and, as such, those carrying multiple lambs are …Read More

lamb ICU

The tiniest warrior you’ve ever seen!8 months

Tiny Bruno, weighing in at just 1.03 kg, and big brother Baxter, at 3 kg, came to stay at Franklin Vets after a rough first few days left them on the brink. Bruno and Baxter are the only surviving siblings …Read More

Salmonella – What is it and what can you do about it?8 months

  Let’s be honest here, we’ve all had or have had someone close to you experience a bout of salmonella. In humans, it’s a bad version of an Indian spicy vindaloo running out the back end on a Friday night. …Read More

cows grazing

Latest Mycoplasma bovis update9 months

There is a large amount of valuable information being created around Mycoplasma bovis. At present the three best reads are: Mycoplasma bovis response, Stakeholder update 100, 20 July 2018. Guidance for Beef Cattle farmers from Beef & Lamb NZ The MPI …Read More