two goats in paddock

Caring for your goats4 weeks

As a dedicated Lifestyle Block vet, I can vouch for the fact that the number of goats kept as pets in the area, is on the rise. We all know that goat kids are very cute and can be very …Read More

Patrick the goat with laminitis

Patrick the goat with laminitis1 month

Watch for this stealthy, painful condition! Patrick has painful laminitis, a condition that goes drastically underdiagnosed in goats, but is rife amongst the pet-goat world. Patrick is a much-loved middle-aged goat but he has been eating on his knees lately, …Read More

chicken and rooster

Red mite relief for your chickens2 months

FINALLY! A red mite product tested and labelled for chooks!! I made many promises to many people, during the summer Red Mite season, to let you know when it’s here. It’s finally in store!! Exzolt® is made from the same …Read More

Hershey post op with twin lambs

Hershey- First time labour doesn’t go according to plan2 months

Hershey is a much-loved pet and was carrying multiple lambs, so when her owners noticed her waters break, they started the stopwatch. With Hershey contracting but no progression after an hour, they weren’t taking any risks and got the vet …Read More

kid goat debudding

The kids are flocking in – it’s debudding time2 months

It’s that time of year again, where our Tuesday and Thursday mornings are filling up fast with debudding little goat kids. Don’t forget they need to be done young to avoid them growing back! With calves, we recommend between 2-4 …Read More

entropion lamb post surgery

Lamb entropions2 months

Lamb Entropions – Common, and not always an easy road. Little Whitey came in to see me with VERY sore eyes! The cause of which is very common, so thought I’d do a little bit on it for the Lifestyle …Read More

Snowflake the kid goat’s pneumonia2 months

Snowflake the kid goat landed himself in our vet hospital with a nasty bout of pneumonia and spent the day carefully brought back from the brink by our Lifestyle Block vet Dr Sarah. The odd cough here and there, but …Read More

Beware Cupress trees with pregnant livestock2 months

WARNING! Beware Cupress trees (such as Macrocarpa) with pregnant livestock! Macrocarpa is pretty well known by cattle farmers as having the scary ability to cause abortions when ingested. But this little ewe was a reminder to us that it can …Read More

premature lamb

Easy recipe for a healthy premmy lamb, kid or cria2 months

This gorgeous little lamb graced my consult room recently, so I thought I would do a piece should any of you need a little advice around caring for a premature (or DYSmature – full term but underdeveloped) lamb or kid. …Read More

yoghurtise milk for lamb feeding

Lamb rearers – Yoghurtise your milk!4 months

Alright team, all those getting your wee orphan lambs to bottle raise as of now, this is for you. Abomasal bloat kills up to 30% of bottle-fed lambs before weaning, and this year we are working hard to try and …Read More

Lucky the goat undergoes serious surgery6 months

Lucky has had ongoing issues with her udder; persistent milk production, recurring mastitis, a wound that just won’t heal- and it has been taking a toll on her body. After trying literally everything under the sun, a mastectomy was the …Read More

Penelope has a deformed jaw- does your Kunekune?7 months

The Kunkune is a much-loved and ever-popular breed amongst lifestylers and pig lovers in New Zealand. But here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ you may not know about the Kune. The Kune breed was adopted by the Maori when it was introduced …Read More