Unite against COVID-19

COVID-19 Lifestyle Farm Update2 weeks

Vets are viewed as an essential service, so we continue to be here for you 24/7. If you need to see us, call your local …Read More

facial eczema spores

Facial Eczema Warning2 months

Just a reminder to our local lifestylers that we are seeing spore counts start to rise as the warm, humid weather provides ideal growing conditions …Read More

facial eczema spores

What is facial eczema?3 months

Facial eczema is a disease where liver damage means cattle become highly sensitive to sunlight and white areas of skin blister and peel resulting in …Read More

green bottle blowfly

Be ready for Flystrike4 months

This has been a very unpredictable spring, with thunderstorms, hail, scorching heat and freezing winds lashing the upper North Island. With all this moisture and …Read More

sheep grazing

Spring + warm conditions = worms5 months

Spring is finally here and with the warmth comes the worms! Unfortunately, our lifestyle block animals are infected by a variety of different worms. These …Read More

Ag Day lamb

WARNING! Wean your lambs/kids safely6 months

This is the time of year when we see a lot of bloated cases, around weaning, as people are feeding fewer feeds, of larger volumes. …Read More

two goats in paddock

Caring for your goats7 months

As a dedicated Lifestyle Block vet, I can vouch for the fact that the number of goats kept as pets in the area, is on …Read More

Patrick the goat with laminitis

Patrick the goat with laminitis8 months

Watch for this stealthy, painful condition! Patrick has painful laminitis, a condition that goes drastically underdiagnosed in goats, but is rife amongst the pet-goat world. …Read More

chicken and rooster

Red mite relief for your chickens8 months

FINALLY! A red mite product tested and labelled for chooks!! I made many promises to many people, during the summer Red Mite season, to let …Read More

Hershey post op with twin lambs

Hershey- First time labour doesn’t go according to plan8 months

Hershey is a much-loved pet and was carrying multiple lambs, so when her owners noticed her waters break, they started the stopwatch. With Hershey contracting …Read More

kid goat debudding

The kids are flocking in – it’s debudding time8 months

It’s that time of year again, where our Tuesday and Thursday mornings are filling up fast with debudding little goat kids. Don’t forget they need …Read More

entropion lamb post surgery

Lamb entropions8 months

Lamb Entropions – Common, and not always an easy road. Little Whitey came in to see me with VERY sore eyes! The cause of which …Read More