Sis the cat with 2 fractured femurs

Little Sis & her 2 fractured legs1 week

What’s worse than breaking your femur? Breaking both your femurs. The femur is the largest bone in the body, and breaking it is no joke. …Read More

Lucy after surgery

Lumps & Bumps – the value of checking early3 weeks

Too often we find lumps and bumps on animals at vaccination time that have been there for a while but have never been investigated to …Read More

Indi the senior cat whose blood tests revealed hyperthyroidism

Indi’s hidden condition4 weeks

The value of annual blood tests in our senior patients… Indi, a 13-year-old cat came into the Puke clinic during our senior month to have …Read More

marci rat bait poisoning

Marci’s rat bait woes1 month

A patient from earlier this year, Marci a 4-month-old ShihTzu cross puppy came in off his food, yelping as if he was in pain, and …Read More

Beat the heat with Franklin Vets

Beat the heat – get your young female cat speyed1 month

As the days start to lengthen, female cats respond by starting to come into season. This means that they are attractive to tomcats and are …Read More

pet fertiliser poisoning

Fertiliser poisoning1 month

As many households prepare their gardens for spring, we thought it might be a good time to talk about the dangers of your pets eating …Read More

return to level 2 update

Return to Level 2 Update2 months

As you will already know, the Prime Minister has advised that Auckland will return to alert Level 2 from Monday 31 August. This means that …Read More

collie with stick

Billy’s run in with a stick2 months

Billy is a male, neutered, 5 year 6 month Border Collie that loves sticks! His owner was throwing sticks for him when one landed standing …Read More

Sassy with resorptive lesions

Fixing the holes in Sassy’s teeth2 months

Sassy, a 10-year-old tabby and her brother Leon came to the Pukekohe clinic for dentistry as both had been found to have resorptive lesions, which …Read More

regular vet care for your cat

International “take your cat to the vet day.”2 months

Did you know that 83% of cats visit the vet before they are 1 but 50% don’t return until they are sick or in pain? …Read More

cat with mask

COVID-19: The prepared pet checklist3 months

If you find yourself having to be hospitalised during COVID-19, here’s a guide from the NZ Veterinary Association to ensure your pets will be well …Read More

Whoppa's healed fracture

Whoppa’s unusual fracture3 months

“Whoppa” was a 6-month-old German wirehaired pointer who came into our Waiuku clinic with a front leg lameness, after having been attacked by another dog. …Read More