BH chicken date circled

BlackHawk Voluntary Recall for Dog Food6 days

BlackHawk has discovered an issue with a small number of batches whereby a higher than normal moisture level was present in the final kibble after …Read More

guinea pigs eating

Stuff you need to know about Guinea Pigs2 months

Here is some stuff that you need to know about your furry little mate. They don’t get on with rabbits It’s a popular myth that …Read More

Remmi has been vaccinated for lepto

Lepto – protect your dog & you protect your family2 months

Coming from South Africa, wet trails are not really something I’ve had to deal with. Warthog? Yes.  Snakes? Heck yes. Ticks? Miss your Bravecto and …Read More

sad lab poisoning

How do I know if my dog has been poisoned?3 months

Symptoms of poisoning in dogs can vary depending on the type of poison they’ve encountered. These signs can range from vomiting to breathing difficulties to …Read More

cat itching

The lowdown on fleas3 months

With such a mild winter this year, we are sure to be in for large numbers of fleas and ticks this spring and summer. Dr …Read More

Is your pet scared of fireworks?4 months

Guy Fawkes is nearly upon us, heralding the start of the fireworks season that seems to go on for a very long time. While some …Read More

stressed cat

Stressed out cats4 months

At this time of the year, with the mating season upon us, we see a lot more fighting and a lot more stressed cats. Even …Read More

itchy dogs

Spring = itchy season4 months

With spring and summer marking a time of increased itchiness in dogs, Dr Nikki Frost, senior veterinarian at Franklin Vets Pukekohe takes a deeper look …Read More

Gunther swallowed a rock4 months

Gunther is a happy boisterous 6-month-old spaniel cross puppy. It’s normal for puppies to explore with their mouths. Occasionally they will pick up something that …Read More

What dental x-rays & diagnostic tests tell us5 months

Katie is one of our senior cats who came to see us a year ago for dental work as she had very inflamed gums around …Read More


Beat the heat – de-sex your pet before kitten and puppy season5 months

Part of being a responsible pet owner is de-sexing (spaying and neutering). There are many benefits to your pet as well as to the wider …Read More

cat with inflamed mouth from stomatitis

Hugh the cat with stomatitis5 months

Hugh is a lovely tabby and white male cat and he is only 1 year old. He presented to our clinic dribbling and with very …Read More