dog in long grass

TPLO surgery for dogs with cruciate ligament injury5 days

Cruciate ligament injury is the most common cause of hind leg lameness in dogs. We see dogs with strained, ruptured, or degenerate cruciate ligaments virtually every day at our clinics. The majority of dogs affected by this condition are medium …Read More

cat post op fractured humerus repair

Puzzle the cat and his fractured humerus repair4 weeks

Puzzle is an 8-month old cat who came to us recently after an accident on the road. Puzzle had fractured his humerus. This is the bone in the upper half of the front leg and is a particularly unpleasant bone …Read More

dog under blanket

Winter tips for pets4 weeks

With the colder weather coming, you may be changing to a winter duvet and flannel sheets but are you changing anything for your pets? Dr Nikki Frost, senior vet at Franklin Vets Pukekohe shares some tips for winter. Dogs and …Read More

Koda’s underwear misadventure4 weeks

Koda came to Franklin Vets after he had been vomiting. He was uninterested in food (very unusual for a beagle) and was very quiet. He had been chewing on an electrical cord the day before so x-rays were done to …Read More

underweight cat

When being underweight is a problem2 months

When people mention weight problems, most people think obesity, but being underweight can be a problem also. This can be caused by not enough calories going in, those calories not being used effectively or the animal using up more calories …Read More

rabbit on knee

Tips for caring for your pet rabbit2 months

Like the Easter Bunny, real live rabbits are cute and cuddly, however, they do require special care to look after them. Here are a few tips from Dr Nikki Frost, senior vet at Franklin Vets Pukekohe to keep your rabbit …Read More

Easter chocolate is dangerous for dogs

Don’t share your Easter chocolate with your canine companion2 months

With Easter fast approaching it is worth remembering not to share our chocolate treats with our beloved pets, and to ensure that any hidden chocolate is not in an area that a dog could find. The active ingredient in chocolate, …Read More

Bullseye the toy poodle’s tricky surgery story2 months

Bullseye is a somewhat unlucky 6-year-old Toy Poodle, who 4 years ago fell into a ditch and broke his left front leg. He had a metal plate and screws put into the leg, which eventually healed and he returned to …Read More

cat with ThinKat interactive feeder

The benefits of interactive feeders2 months

One of the five pillars of providing a healthy feline environment is to “provide the opportunity for play and predatory behaviour.” Most of our feline friends don’t have to hunt for their food anymore as we provide a nice big …Read More

Low calorie treats for the overweight cat3 months

We all love to give our cats treats and our cats love to eat them. However, this gets tricky when your feline friend is on the “round” side and needs to lose some weight. So, what are some good options …Read More

Obesity in cats3 months

It is estimated that between 39 and 52% of the cats in the UK are overweight or obese. We don’t have figures for New Zealand but they are likely to be very similar. Obesity is when an animal is 20% …Read More

overweight golden retriever

Weighty matters3 months

Take it from me, no one wants to hear their pet is overweight. However, just like with us humans, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight will reduce your pet’s risk of disease and injury, as well as contributing to a …Read More