Worm your indoor only cat2 weeks

“I have an indoor cat, so it doesn’t need worming treatment, right?” Wrong! Many people think if their cat isn’t going outside, they don’t need …Read More

itching dog

Spring is here & allergies are upon us3 weeks

If you’ve noticed that your eyes are itching, you’re sneezing and yellow pollen is forming a layer on your car, you’re not wrong. Spring is …Read More

spey that cat

Spey that cat!3 weeks

Spring is here and with it comes cats coming on heat and getting pregnant. Why spey? Avoiding unwanted pregnancy, though very important, is not the …Read More

ringworm on cat

Why is ringworm not a worm?3 weeks

It is a common misconception that ringworm is a type of worm, and therefore will be prevented by common worm tablets we give to our …Read More

microchipping a kitten

Should I microchip my cat?3 weeks

Unlike dogs where there is a legal requirement to microchip as part of the registration, cats don’t require microchipping. However, we still very strongly recommended …Read More

What’s up with Kairu?3 weeks

Kairu the 8-year-old huntaway cross came to the Pukekohe clinic last month because he just wasn’t right. He had been lethargic, had put on weight …Read More

Pietie the chihuahua with fractures

Healing Pietie’s tiny bones4 weeks

Pietie is a wonderful little Chihuahua cross dog, only 7 months old and tipping the scales at 5kg when he arrived having sustained a fractured …Read More

covid 19 update sept 2021

Level 3 Update1 month

Hello Level 3! We can now offer a full range of veterinary services BUT we still have to limit face-to-face contact with you. This means …Read More

level 2 delta update

COVID Update2 months

Our clinics in the South and East are now operating under Level 2 conditions. There are some key points to be aware of though that …Read More

split level COVID update

Split level Sept 2021 COVID Update2 months

As a practice, we are yet again split into 2 levels. Just a few reminders for those of you who remain in Level 4: Please …Read More

cat with multiple injuries

Lime’s triple whammy2 months

Single injuries can be complicated. Multiple injuries are always complicated. They take longer surgery time have a higher infection rate, higher risk of failure, and …Read More

Jet and his dental

When Jet’s love of rocks went wrong2 months

Jet is a 5-year-old Ridgeback cross who loves to play with rocks. His owner noticed a few weeks ago that he was chewing a bit …Read More