What dental x-rays & diagnostic tests tell us4 weeks

Katie is one of our senior cats who came to see us a year ago for dental work as she had very inflamed gums around some teeth that were causing pain. Being an older cat, we wanted to make sure …Read More


Beat the heat – de-sex your pet before kitten and puppy season4 weeks

Part of being a responsible pet owner is de-sexing (spaying and neutering). There are many benefits to your pet as well as to the wider community by helping to reduce pet overpopulation. Male dogs benefit from de-sexing by reducing behaviours …Read More

cat with inflamed mouth from stomatitis

Hugh the cat with stomatitis4 weeks

Hugh is a lovely tabby and white male cat and he is only 1 year old. He presented to our clinic dribbling and with very smelly breath. On examination, he was found to have gingivitis and stomatitis. His gums and …Read More

Mika the mastiff following abdominal surgery for a foreign body blockage

Mika the mastiff’s emergency surgery4 weeks

Mika is a lovely 18-month-old Neapolitan Mastiff, who came into our Pukekohe clinic having refused food for 24 hours and vomited a couple of times. Mika was extremely depressed, with a low temperature, high heart rate, and gums that were …Read More

dog nails that need a trim

Nail trimming for pets1 month

Dog and cat nails grow continuously just as ours do. However, nail trimming is an often-overlooked aspect of pet care. Long nails that are constantly touching the ground put pressure on the nail bed resulting in pain for the animal …Read More

The Blocked Cat Emergency – Urethral Obstruction2 months

Obstruction of the urethra (the tube from the bladder to the outside) occurs almost exclusively in male cats. We also occasionally see this condition in other species, including sheep. While it is not common, it is a medical emergency! The …Read More

dog with electric toothbrush

Talking dental disease2 months

 Did you know that over 80% of cats and dogs have some form of dental disease by the age of three years? The majority of dental conditions are due to periodontal disease. This starts with plaque, which then hardens to …Read More

Bella the Jack Russell during a blood transfusion for rat bait poisoning

Dog blood donors needed at Franklin Vets2 months

You can help save a dog’s life by registering your pet as a potential blood donor today! Every day dogs just like yours need blood transfusions. For many procedures a transfusion is a clinical necessity, without dog blood donors, our …Read More

Keeping your cat safe3 months

While we all know of the risk to cats of being hit on the road or bitten by another cat or a dog, there are some dangers to cats that await in the relative safety of the home.  Due to …Read More

Bella the Jack Russell during a blood transfusion for rat bait poisoning

Bella the Jack Russell’s run in with rat bait3 months

With the cooler damper weather, we are seeing the rat numbers coming indoors increase, which means an increase in the use of rat bait. Bella the 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier presented to our Pukekohe clinic on a Saturday morning very lethargic …Read More

labrador dog physio at Franklin Vets

Physio rehab for your dog’s health, mobility and wellbeing3 months

Here at Franklin Vets we very excited to be able to offer rehab therapy (physiotherapy) for dogs with injuries, arthritis and those recovering from surgery. Any animal that needs pain relief can benefit from rehab. In order to help with …Read More

old cat in garden

Spotting a problem in your elderly cat4 months

Just like people, there is variation in ageing between cats. At 12 years some cats (approaching retirement as 64-year-old humans) are still very strong and active, while others may have significant disease or arthritic changes. The likelihood of disease developing …Read More