overweight cat

Why does it matter if my pet is overweight?2 months

At Franklin Vets, we encourage you to keep your pets at a healthy weight simply because obesity can cause suffering and can be extremely disabling. It’s also likely to affect your pet’s ability to perform natural behaviours (e.g. exercise normally). …Read More

Bravecto for fleas and ticks

Fleas love a warm home2 months

People and pets love warm homes – so do fleas! Pets don’t need to be treated for fleas in winter – it’s too cold for fleas to breed, right? WRONG! In a natural setting and in times when we didn’t …Read More

Lily the bischon

Lily’s post surgery physiotherapy2 months

Veterinary Physiotherapy is fast becoming an essential part of rehabilitation for companion animals. We now offer a 6-week physiotherapy package for client’s post-surgery. Case Study – Luxating Patellas Lily Monson – 5-year-old, Female Bischon. Lily had attended her annual check-up …Read More

rabbit vaccination with Dr Victoria Hill

Protecting your pet rabbit from calicivirus5 months

Pet rabbits in New Zealand have been living with the risk of the disease since the rabbit calicivirus was illegally released in 1997. The new strain set to be released in Canterbury in Autumn 2018, is likely to see an increase in …Read More

cat in carrier

Tips for transporting your cat to the vet5 months

A trip to the vets, moving house or travelling anywhere with your cat can be a stressful experience. Here are a few simple measures can make the whole process more tolerable for cats and owners alike. Safety is extremely important …Read More

Tasman the dog

What Tasman’s full physical revealed5 months

It isn’t uncommon for our vets to get questioned as to why they are doing a full physical exam on a patient that comes in for a specific problem – I mean when was the last time your doctor gave …Read More

2 dogs in paddock

Donor Dogs5 months

You can help save a dog’s life by registering your pet as a potential blood donor today! Every day dogs just like yours need blood transfusions. For many procedures a transfusion is a clinical necessity, without dog blood donors, our …Read More

Franklin Vets charity fishing competition

Franklin Vets Charity Fishing Competition6 months

  Unfortunately, due to low numbers, this has been cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience.

dog playing in water

Summer safety tips for your pets7 months

It looks like we are in for a long hot summer this year. Just a reminder of some safety tips to keep your pet happy and healthy this summer. Avoid heat stroke: Heat stroke occurs when an animal heats up …Read More

mince pies

What not to feed your dog this Christmas8 months

As tempting as it is to share your food with your dog during the festive season, what we consider to be treats can be extremely dangerous to your canine companion. We have listed some of the worst offenders and why …Read More


Jimmy’s double leg surgery8 months

Jimmy is a fantastic little Griffon who came to see us recently. Unfortunately, Jimmy has severe hip dysplasia, where the hip joints are malformed during the first few months of life. This is a common problem in large dogs, but …Read More


Pukekohe is officially a ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’8 months

Franklin Vets is proud to announce that we have recently achieved ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’ silver status at our Pukekohe clinic. So, what does this mean for you and your cat? We know that bringing a cat into clinic can be a …Read More