scratching puppy

Your Pet Direct1 week

Keeping our pets flea and parasite free not only ensures they maintain good internal and external health, but it also keeps other family members safe. We have a convenient and cost effective solution that will ensure you never run out …Read More


Getting to the bottom of Manni’s itch2 weeks

Meet gorgeous little Manni! He is a 2 year old Pomeranian cross who came to us with an annoying itch. When Manni was 18 months old, he started chewing and itching his feet, belly, legs, tail and face. He lost ...Read More

The danger of lily toxicity in cats2 weeks

Squeeky a 6 month old cat presented to Matt at out Te Kauwhata branch with a history of vomiting, not eating for 2 days and being very tender in the abdominal region. Upon seeing how dehydrated and in pain Squeeky …Read More


Welcome relief for a scratching dog2 weeks

Painter is a 1 year old Shih Tzu who I have gotten to know very well over the last 6 months as he has been a very frequent visitor with his allergic skin disease and ear infections. After a food …Read More

Cat dental

X-rays reveal Smooch’s hidden pain3 weeks

Recently at our Pukekohe clinic we have upgraded our dental radiology unit and the superior images we are now getting are really helping us to diagnose dental disease more easily. This is great news as we are now better able ...Read More
Kirsty with Idess

Routine blood testing3 weeks

Many animals are brought in to vet clinics because they are injured or unwell. Most of these will require some form of blood and urine testing to find out what is wrong with them. But what about the animals that …Read More

koda with wheat bag

Keeping an older dog active with physiotherapy2 months

Gadget is a 10 year old Border Collie who presented to Total Physiotherapy in February 2017 after undertaking several different orthopaedic surgeries in the last few years. Gadget is a happy, active individual who spends a lot of time outside …Read More

animal physio

Caring for your ageing pets2 months

Ageing pets have changing needs. This short video shows you some simple things you can do to help your ageing pet stay happy, healthy and active. It also has our Franklin Vets specials for September which is seniors month.  

Cruciate Ligament Injury and Treatment2 months

Cruciate ligament injury is an extremely common injury in dogs, less so in cats. This article is an in depth look at cruciate ligament injury and the surgical treatment we perform at Franklin Vets, including diagrams, x-rays and photos from …Read More

Looking for signs of age-related disease in pets2 months

  Has your old pet started showing any of the following behaviours? Acting disorientated or wandering, staring in to, or sleeping in unusual spaces Toileting inside, and in the case of cats, not making it to the dirt tray in …Read More

French bulldog

Soft palate resection & alar fold resection2 months

Brachycephalic dogs are those with short noses, such as Bulldogs and Pugs. These dogs have issues with their respiratory passages as a result of their shortened muzzle, which results in the snorting and gurgling noises that they often make. The …Read More


Elbow dysplasia2 months

Elbow dysplasia is not a single condition, but a collection of several conditions (a syndrome) affecting the elbow joint, that can result in elbow arthritis and degenerative joint disease. It is a common syndrome affecting mostly large breeds of dog. …Read More