cat with ThinKat interactive feeder

The benefits of interactive feeders1 week

One of the five pillars of providing a healthy feline environment is to “provide the opportunity for play and predatory behaviour.” Most of our feline friends don’t have to hunt for their food anymore as we provide a nice big …Read More

Low calorie treats for the overweight cat2 weeks

We all love to give our cats treats and our cats love to eat them. However, this gets tricky when your feline friend is on the “round” side and needs to lose some weight. So, what are some good options …Read More

Obesity in cats4 weeks

It is estimated that between 39 and 52% of the cats in the UK are overweight or obese. We don’t have figures for New Zealand but they are likely to be very similar. Obesity is when an animal is 20% …Read More

overweight golden retriever

Weighty matters4 weeks

Take it from me, no one wants to hear their pet is overweight. However, just like with us humans, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight will reduce your pet’s risk of disease and injury, as well as contributing to a …Read More

Parvovirus – It Doesn’t Go Away2 months

Over the last 2 months there have been many more cases of Parvovirus diagnosed and treated at the Papakura clinic than would be normally seen at this time of year. Parvovirus is a highly infectious disease that causes severe vomiting …Read More

2 itchy dogs

Getting on top of fleas, ticks and worms2 months

If only your pets could talk, they would tell you how annoying fleas and worms are. Here is the lowdown on these pesky little critters and how you can keep on top of them. Fleas Fleas are a problem for …Read More

hot spot on dog

Be on the look out for hot spots2 months

Hot spots are self-inflicted wounds, where the dog licks an area of skin due to something irritating them. They lick so much the hair is removed, then the skin becomes severely inflamed and moist. Some of these can be associated …Read More

litter of kittens

When to desex?2 months

Historically, cats and dogs were always desexed (castrated or speyed) at about 6 months of age. This was to allow the patient to develop as much as possible physically but to try and desex them before they had their first …Read More

dog at the beach

Keeping our pets safe over summer3 months

With long, hot days on the horizon here is a reminder of some safety tips to keep your pets happy and healthy this summer. Heat stroke: Signs a dog is overheated include heavy panting, rapid heart rate, bright or dark …Read More

dog with Christmas lights

What not to feed your dog at Christmas…3 months

Yep! It is tough when those big brown eyes are staring forlornly at you but as tempting as it is to share your food with your dog during the festive season, our treats can be extremely dangerous to your canine …Read More

Monique the dachshund

Monique the dachshund’s path to a stronger back4 months

Monique, an 8-year-old female dachshund came to us with spinal pain and an unsteady, staggering gait. She crossed her hind legs over when walking and fell over occasionally. Her lameness was worse in the left hindlimb and she had a hunched spine. …Read More

Leroy’s blown butt4 months

  Leroy is a lovely 9-year old male Pointer, who presented very subdued and reluctant to walk and ended up being carried into our Papakura clinic on a stretcher. He had a huge swelling alongside and below his anus. Leroy …Read More