hot spot on dog

Be on the look out for hot spots2 weeks

Hot spots are self-inflicted wounds, where the dog licks an area of skin due to something irritating them. They lick so much the hair is removed, then the skin becomes severely inflamed and moist. Some of these can be associated …Read More

litter of kittens

When to desex?2 weeks

Historically, cats and dogs were always desexed (castrated or speyed) at about 6 months of age. This was to allow the patient to develop as much as possible physically but to try and desex them before they had their first …Read More

dog at the beach

Keeping our pets safe over summer1 month

With long, hot days on the horizon here is a reminder of some safety tips to keep your pets happy and healthy this summer. Heat stroke: Signs a dog is overheated include heavy panting, rapid heart rate, bright or dark …Read More

dog with Christmas lights

What not to feed your dog at Christmas…1 month

Yep! It is tough when those big brown eyes are staring forlornly at you but as tempting as it is to share your food with your dog during the festive season, our treats can be extremely dangerous to your canine …Read More

Monique the dachshund

Monique the dachshund’s path to a stronger back2 months

Monique, an 8-year-old female dachshund came to us with spinal pain and an unsteady, staggering gait. She crossed her hind legs over when walking and fell over occasionally. Her lameness was worse in the left hindlimb and she had a hunched spine. …Read More

Leroy’s blown butt2 months

  Leroy is a lovely 9-year old male Pointer, who presented very subdued and reluctant to walk and ended up being carried into our Papakura clinic on a stretcher. He had a huge swelling alongside and below his anus. Leroy …Read More

Zeke runs again3 months

Damage to the cruciate ligament in the stifle (knee) joint is the most common cause of lameness in a large breed dog. Dislocation of the patella (kneecap) is a very common cause of lameness in small breed dogs. Having both …Read More


Ear infections – under the microscope3 months

Ear infections are an unfortunate secondary complication of skin disease. Occasionally they will occur due to other conditions such as ear mites, foreign bodies in the ear (such as grass seeds) or swimmers ear, which is where some water is …Read More

Painter the itchy dog

Taking control of Painter’s itchy skin3 months

Painter is a dog who has suffered from itchy skin due to allergies since he was 4 months old, so basically his whole life. Controlling the itch has taken a regime of treatments, one of which is using Allermyl shampoo, …Read More

Common health issues in elderly dogs4 months

Just like people, as nutrition and healthcare improve, so does the lifespan of our pets. This inevitably results in an ageing population which has to be cared for. There is much debate as to what constitutes “senior” or “geriatric” in …Read More

Cast versus plate for dog with fractured shin bone4 months

Lily is a lovely 6-year-old Bichon Frise cross, who came into our Pukekohe clinic after catching a hindleg in a tractor. Remarkably, Lily had managed to get away with a single fracture, to the tibia (shin bone). The lower hindleg …Read More

dog under blanket

Helping our furry friends through the fear of fireworks4 months

The loud noises and bright, unfamiliar flashes associated with fireworks can make Guy Fawkes a stressful time for many cats and dogs. Their fear can be seen as panting, excessive vocalisation, crying, soiling and hiding. A few simple measures can …Read More