Unite against COVID-19

COVID-19 Update 17.04.203 months

The COVID-19 lockdown has certainly had an impact on the way we can do business and we appreciate your patience at this time. Operating under …Read More

fat cat on scales

Keeping our pets at a healthy weight3 months

Take it from me, no one wants to hear their pet is overweight. However, just like with us humans, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight …Read More

Easter greetings

Easter Open Hours3 months

Our pets team is taking a well-earned rest on Good Friday & Easter Monday and all pet clinics will be closed. Most of our clinics …Read More

Easter dangers chocolate

Easter dangers to our pets3 months

Easter is full of indulgent treats for us, but they can pose a danger to our pets, so best to keep to yourself! Chocolate Eggs: …Read More

Rocky’s new lease on life3 months

There is increasing popularity for cute squishy faced dogs such as Bulldogs, Pugs, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers (French Bulldogs now are the most popular …Read More

stressed cat

Lockdown – a dream for dogs but stressful for cats3 months

During this time of lockdown, our doggy friends are probably having the time of their lives with their family home all day to play with …Read More

puppy & girl cuddles

Separation anxiety in puppies3 months

A few of our clients have gotten new puppies recently, knowing that the lockdown period provides the opportunity to be home with them. This is …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

COVID-19 Pets Update3 months

The COVID-19 lockdown has dramatically changed the way we can do business and we are now excited to be able to offer E-Consults for your …Read More

walk dogs on a lead

COVID-19 Advice – Keep your dogs on a lead3 months

Hi dog owners During these unusual times of isolation, there are a few things to keep in mind. Please keep your dog(s) on a lead! …Read More

Unite against COVID-19

Important COVID-19 Lockdown Update from Franklin Vets3 months

As veterinarians, we are classified as essential services. However, there are some changes to what we are able to do at both Level 3 & …Read More

abandoned kitten

Desexing4 months

This little cutie is a dumpster kitten. The poor little girl was found abandoned at the dump, where she was rescued by some of our …Read More

Roni Best post Spleen removal

What’s up with Roni the lab cross?4 months

Just because it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…It might still be something else. Roni is a wonderful …Read More