Mastitis is a common disease in New Zealand that is responsible for production losses. The reasons we use dry cow therapy are:

  • At dry off and during the dry period it gives us the means to cure any existing infections to prepare cows for next season
  • It provides protection from environmental bacteria, reducing new infections through to calving time
  • It helps to identify cows that do not clear over the dry period, that are repeat offenders, so decisions can be made about culling.

What combination of treatment is suitable for your herd will depend on your current situation and can be discussed with your vet at a dry cow consult. This discussion includes:

  • Where is your herd now in terms of bulk somatic cell count and individual somatic cell counts?
  • How many cases of clinical and subclinical mastitis have your cows had over the season?
  • What would you like to achieve next year?

With the answers to these questions, we can help you to decide what treatments are suitable for which animals to help you to achieve your production goals in the coming season.

There are several options for drying off:vet tech teat sealing

  • Use of dry cow antibiotics alone
  • Dry cow antibiotic plus teat sealant
  • Teat sealant alone.

The main goals at dry off are:

  • To cure existing infections
  • Prevent new infections over the dry period & calving downtime.

Every quarter should receive a treatment, whether it be a combination or a single product. This will help to reduce your incidence of mastitis at the highest risk periods which are the dry period and calving time.

Best practice administration therapy for teatseal