InfoVet is a secure web based information management programme developed by New Zealand vets to improve farm performance. By using InfoVet, farmers and vets can record data and have an accurate insight into herd health.

InfoVet can be used to monitor milk protein trends throughout the season, enabling early identification of nutritional issues before they turn into bigger problems. Presenting these changes through graphs on InfoVet allows you to monitor and troubleshoot the issues on the farm.

Infovet has been used to successfully solve issues of poor reproductive performance far more accurately and efficiently than we have been able to do in the past. Combining production and reproduction data has enabled us to quantify the impact of early season nutrition on one farm. The impacts may have been preventable with closer monitoring of the farm’s performance.

One of the most powerful and impressive features of Infovet is the ease at which data can be produced, including:

  • Diseases – yearly and monthly incidence
  • Mastitis – yearly and monthly incidence, occurrence relative to calving, herd test SCC data, BMSCC
  • Milk production – volume, milk solids, fat, protein, protein: fat ratio, per Ha, per cow
  • Reproduction – fertility focus report, SR, CR, in-calf rate, calving rate.

InfoVet allows rapid, accurate and cost-efficient interventions:

  • Vets arrive on farm prepared with timely and accurate information
  • Cow-side data such as pregnancy testing information is entered in real time. This increases the accuracy and speed of the overall job
  • Pregnancy data is automatically uploaded to Minda and Mistro, saving the farmer the hassle of entering the data
  • Professional reporting of calving and induction lists are simplified
  • Improved farm performance and profitability
  • Less mastitis and a lower BMSCC through facilitation of problem analysis and early notification of issues
  • Improved reproductive performance through analysis of reproductive data and interventions
  • Facilitates benchmarking against other farms.

InfoVet pulls the information into a single porthole for secure and efficient management of data. Contact Franklin Vets to find out how Infovet recording, analysis & recommendations can keep your herd on-track.