Mastitis is the inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue. It is a major endemic disease of dairy cattle. Mastitis usually occurs as an immune response to bacterial invasion of the teat canal. Mastitis is the number one disease behind antibiotic use in the dairy industry.

Ongoing high somatic cell counts, high levels of clinical mastitis and Inhibitory Substance Grades are all issues that bring a lot of stress to farmers. High treatment rates, increased culls, discarded milk and production losses cost the farm significant amounts of money – not to mention the costs of grading incurred.

Franklin Vets pioneered the now industry standard, “grade buster” approach to mastitis management. Senior Mastitis Consultant David Hawkins is committed to assisting local farmers to reduce mastitis on their farms.

Franklin Vets offers a range of mastitis services including:

Milk Quality Reviewcows udder

Completed annually during the drug authorization process, this overview of mastitis KPIs, determines appropriate dry cow and lactating cow therapy policies and whether further investigation of mastitis issues is warranted.

Individual Cow Assessments

On-farm visit, clinical examination and treatment of difficult cases to high standards.

Milk Culture

A variety of milk culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing services to let you know what bugs are infecting your cows and what drugs will be the best for you to use.

Bioscreen Cascade

Let our technicians collect milk samples from high somatic cell count cows to help get on top of annoying subclinical mastitis issues.

Early Season Milk Quality Report (ESMQR)

How well did dry cow therapy work? How are your heifers doing? Does my herd have chronically infected cows that might infect others? The ESMQR answers these questions and helps you prevent mastitis.

Mastitis Focus Review (MFR)

The Mastitis Focus Report is available for our farmers registered on Infovet. Get an in-depth review of the farm’s mastitis with a focus on new infection rates, where the problems are really starting.

Healthy Udder Training

Does your team want to move to the next level of mastitis control? These tailored on-farm sessions for up to 8 farm workers focusing on farm level best practice mastitis control could be for you. Areas covered include: Prevention, detection, treatment, use of screening tools such as RMT, Milking routine and environmental management to reduce mastitis risk.

Mastitis Data Analysis

Let us analyze the available data on your farm’s mastitis situation from BMSCC, Herd Test, Clinical Mastitis data to New Infection rates and Bacterial data on file. This in-depth analysis removes the guesswork from identifying the cause of mastitis and high somatic cell counts. It can help get on top of a mastitis problem quickly and cost-effectively.

Milk Quality Screening Visit

Want to get an idea of the interplay between the machine, the milking environment and mastitis on your farm? This check of cow teat health, plant vacuum, teat-spray and management of the milking mob can provide answers quickly and efficiently.

Milk Quality Consultation

If you want a comprehensive understanding of the causes of mastitis on your farm and how to get on top of them, this package is for you. Carried out by one of our three Fonterra accredited veterinarians, this comprises of a mastitis data analysis, a milking visit for the duration of milking including a modified wet test of the milking machine, milk culturing of identified cows and a comprehensive written report outlining key actions to reduce the impact of mastitis on your farm.