Bovine Coccidiosis

Bovine Coccidiosis

Coccidia are single-celled protozoal organisms of the genus Eimeria. They have a complex life cycle involving both asexual and sexual reproduction.

Bovine Digital Dermatitis (BDD)

Bovine Digital Dermatitis

Bovine Digital Dermatitis (BDD) is a common cause of infectious lameness worldwide.

Bull Management

bull management

Managing reproduction effectively to achieve optimum fertility is essential to the running of a profitable cattle enterprise.

Calf Scour

calf scours

This factsheet provides details about the Calf Scours.

Coliform Mastitis

coliform mastitis

Coliform mastitis is a type of environmental mastitis caused by bacteria that are usually found in faeces.

Colostrum Management

Colostrum Management

Colostrum is the fuel of life and making sure your calves get enough is the cornerstone to all successful calf rearing enterprises.

Dairy Cow Lameness

dairy cow lameness

Dairy cow lameness affects up to 25% of dairy herds, and is a massive drain on resources.

Johne's Disease

Johne's disease

Johne’s Disease is a chronic disease which progressively damages the intestines.

Leptospirosis in Dairy Cattle

Leptospirosis in Cattle

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection and is an important zoonotic disease in NZ especially for those working with livestock.

Liver Fluke in Cattle

liver fluke

Liver fluke is a parasite which lives in the liver and bile ducts of infected cattle.

Managing the Transition Cow

managing the transition cow

The time immediately around calving (transition period) is the most critical part of a cow’s year for many health and production reasons.

Milk Fever

milk fever

Milk Fever is a metabolic disease caused by a low blood calcium level (hypocalcaemia) mainly of dairy cows close to calving.

Minimising Calving Difficulties

minimising calving difficulties

Calving difficulties (dystocia) contribute heavily to production losses.

Poor Reproductive Performance in NZ

poor reproductive performance

Good reproductive performance is a key driver of on-farm profitability.

Teat Health

teat health

Prevention is about keeping pathogenic bacteria away from the teat and making sure teat defences are healthy enough to keep bacteria out of the udder.

Body Condition Score

body condition score

A cow’s body condition score (BCS) gives an indication of her body fat reserves. The cow’s BCS or change in BCS over a period of time is a reliable indicator of the cow’s nutritional status.

Young calf welfare

young calf welfare

Young calf welfare regulations for transport, shelter, loading, time off feed.



Theileria orientalis is a parasite which lives in the red blood cells of cattle and is spread from cow to cow by ticks.

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