Lifestyle Factsheets

Lifestyle Health Planner

lifestyle healthcare planner

Yearly animal health planner for your lifestyle block sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, alpaca and their young.

5 most commonly asked questions

Common questions

The answers to 5 commonly asked Lifestyle Block questions including appropriate animal numbers for your block size, vaccination, drenching, breeding & rearing.


stockyards for lifestyle blocks

Every lifestyle block with stock should have stockyards or pens to ensure handling your stock is easier and safer.

Sheep - Internal parasites

Sheep - internal parasites

Learn the key facts around the internal parasites which affect sheep and the treatment and management practices throughout their life cycle.

Goats - internal parasites

internal parasites goats

Unlike sheep & cattle, goats remain susceptible to internal parasites throughout their lives.

Cattle - Internal parasites

internal parasites in cattle

Learn key facts about cattle drenching, including treatment & prevention, when to use and how to manage.

Sheep - external parasites

sheep external parasites

There are 3 main external parasites to watch out for in sheep in NZ – ticks, lice & flystrike. Learn about prevention & treatment.

Weight watchers for sheep

weightwatchers for sheep

Many NZ pet sheep are overweight and this can make them prone to a whole lot of health issues.

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