Equine Services

Our equine vets provide a complete range of services to ensure the health and well-being of your horses. We will regularly make contact with you to check your horse’s progress following treatments.

Diagnostic testing

By taking blood samples, we can thoroughly asses the horse’s health. This will ensure the diagnosis is correct and the treatment is exactly right for them.

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Diagnostic imaging

Lameness ultrasound
Lameness is a condition almost every horse owner has unfortunately dealt with and can involve bones, muscles, joints, or tendons.

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Most owners are aware that horses’ teeth require regular attention. However, with various services available, what makes a veterinary examination worth the money?
Our equine veterinarians have post graduate qualifications in equine dentistry and we are members of Equine Dental Vets, a global group of equine vets.

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Embryo transfer

We offer a full range of reproductive services for stud properties and boutique breeders. This includes; management of reproductive cycles for live cover, AI (chilled and frozen) and Embryo Transfer (ET), storage of frozen semen, diagnosing and treating low fertility mares, and foaling support.

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Pre-Purchase Exams

Horse check
Unfortunately, a purchased horse doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. Franklin Vets offers a pre-purchase examination to alert the buyer to any pre-existing abnormalities or conditions.

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Horse vaccination
Vaccinations are vital to equine health management. They help protect against a number of infectious diseases such as Tetanus, Strangles and Herpes (EHV.) Often pathogens that effect horses appear without warning so waiting until your horse appears at high risk may be too late to avoid serious illness, a large bill and potentially death.

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Donkey Care

donkey care with Franklin Vets equine team
Donkeys are different from horses and have slightly different health care considerations. However, their basic care needs of good diet, regular hoof care, dental care, and vaccinations are still the same.

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