We offer a full range of reproductive services to help with breeding from your mare. This includes management of reproductive cycles for live cover, AI (chilled and frozen), and Embryo Transfer (ET) breeding. 

We also provide ultrasound scanning for pregnancy, which provides greater information than blood tests early in pregnancy, as well as being more sensitive at confirming conception from as early as 16 days post service.

Our experience in equine breeding includes management and successful breeding of problem mares, for which we offer a range of investigations and treatments to support their reproductive cycles and pregnancies. We can also advise you of how to keep your mare in suitable condition during pregnancy and plan for foaling itself.

Our ultrasound scanners are all portable and we can offer scanning at your property or at local facilities available to us. For the safety of your mare and ourselves we request a property that has a crush (or similar restraint) available for the mare for reproductive examinations.

Please contact the clinic for advice on what breeding options are best for you and your horse.