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Franklin Vets has over 20 farm veterinarians on the road to attend emergency calls, and offer preventative animal health advice including annual health plans specific to your class of stock.

A number of highly qualified vet technicians work along-side our farm vets carrying out animal health tasks including vaccinations and drenching, ensuring a cost competitive service.

Lifestyle Packages


Are you time poor and looking for a healthcare solution for your lifestyle block animals? We offer a variety of Lifestyle Block Annual Healthcare Packages. These include EVERYTHING your lifestyle block animals need on an annual basis to optimise health and prevent disease (even shearing!).

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Sheep & lambs

While the vast majority of animals give birth on their own without hassle, it pays to know what to expect and when to intervene or call for help.

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Often referred to as “bearings,” prolapses occur in sheep, cattle and pigs at different times and for different reasons.

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We now have a number of options available for castration. Standard rubber rings should not be used on calves over three months. It can lead to infection which is very painful for your calf. In extreme cases, it can lead to death.

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Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Scanning

It is recommended that all female cattle that have been in contact with a bull are pregnancy tested. Franklin Vets have invested in innovative backpack ultrasound scanners and staff training for expert pregnancy advice and diagnosis.

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