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May 2017

It’s not all about the drench

Dr Ilyse Jennens BVSc (Dist.)

Drenching our grazing animals is often seen as the single solution to dealing with internal parasites (worms). However, resistance of internal parasites to drenches is an increasingly serious issue facing not only large commercial sheep farms, but anyone who grazes animals.

1703 Its not all about the drench – I Jennens

No Horse Crush at your place?

Our mobile horse crush creates a safe working environment for the horse, owner and vet.

1704 Mobile horse crush

Lepto – Keeping your family safe

Leptospirosis (“Lepto”) is one of the most common infectious diseases spread from animals to humans. It is a considered a workplace hazard for those working with animals, but anyone with grazing animals is potentially at risk of exposure.

1705 Lepto; keeping your family safe – I Jennens