Pet Care

Franklin Vets offer a comprehensive range of services including vaccinations, surgery, x-ray, intensive care, ultrasound, dentistry, in-house laboratory testing.

Puppy care

golden retriever puppy

Here are some simple guidelines to assist you to enjoy your new puppy including feeding, toilet training, socialising, desexing, vaccination, flea & worm protection, registration & microchipping.

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Kitten care

kitten on scales

Here are some simple guidelines to assist you to enjoy your new kitten including feeding, toilet training, desexing, vaccination, flea & worm protection & travelling.

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Fleas and Ticks


Cats and dogs become invested with fleas through contact with other animals or contact with fleas in the environment. Fleas cannot fly but their strong back legs enable them to jump from host to host.

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Ear Infections

Nikki and dog

Ear infections increase during the hot and humid months. There are a number of factors which can cause infection. Dogs with ongoing ear issues usually have underlying skin problems, and dogs that suffer from allergies are predisposed to ear infections.

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Dog with food

Unlike fleas that can be seen on your pet, worms are internal so may go unnoticed. Worms are also zoonotic in that they can transfer from animal to human. You can take preventative action by practicing good hygiene, treating for intestinal parasites in your pet and worming your pets regularly.

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Itching and Allergies

scratching pup

Allergic skin problems are very common and there are a number of things that can be done to reduce your pets itchiness and avoid further complications such as skin infections.

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Senior Pet Care

As animals age, it is important that they have more frequent and more extensive examinations. Clinical screening with tests is designed to provide a baseline assessment for future comparisons.

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Weight Loss

dog on scales

Obesity is a growing concern in household pets and has implications on the health and welfare of the animal. Obesity is a multifactorial disease that arises from a combination of genetic, environmental and owner contributions.

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Problems With Your Pets?

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