Allergic skin problems are very common and there are a number of things that can be done to reduce your pet’s itchiness and avoid further complications such as skin infections.

Firstly, eliminate the possibility of it being fleas. 60-70 percent of skin problems in cats and dogs world wise are caused by fleas.itching dogs

Regular bathing

This will remove allergens from the skin and soothe inflamed skin. We recommend shampoos from the Dermcare range that have been formulated specifically for skin conditions in cats and dogs.

Special Diets

Are effective for dogs suffering from allergies to pollens, dust and plants, or even a food allergy. The diets work by improving the skins protective barrier and may reduce some of the inflammation associated with skin allergies. Talk to us to find out how a diet such as Royal Canin Skin Support can help your pet’s skin condition.


Dogs with allergic skin problems may need medication to manage their flare-ups, especially through summer. Arrange a consultation with one of our vets for advice on the best solution for your dog.