Unlike fleas that can be seen on your pet, worms are internal so may go unnoticed. Worms are also zoonotic so they can transfer from animal to human. You can take preventative action by washing your hands and treating for intestinal parasites in your pet by worming them regularly.

Your Pet Direct flea, tick, worm treatment

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Once they have found their way into the gut, parasitic worms will survive by sucking on your pet’s blood. If left untreated, they can be a serious health risk. As they are internal, they may go unnoticed which is why it important to treat your pet at least every three months.


Roundworm is picked up from your pet’s environment and is common in young pets. Roundworms live in the intestine and can be contracted by humans. Signs of an infection may include vomiting, diarrhoea and coughing. Severe infections can cause death.


They can cause serious harm to pets and humans. Once in the intestines, the worms feed on blood. Heavy infections can cause severe blood loss and even death.


Feed on blood and live in the intestine. They can cause serious pain and diarrhoea.


Cats can become infected with lungworm after eating infected mice, rats or birds. They may show no signs at all or develop a serious cough, racing heart and weight loss. Infections can leave permanent scarring of the lungs.

Common Flea Tapeworm

These tapeworms come from infected fleas that are ingested by your pet. They develop in their intestines into larger worms which can case itching when segments are passed through the bottom. Flea control is an essential component of protecting your pet against this parasite.

Taenia Species

There are several other species of tapeworm that can infect our pets. Dogs can pick up the Sheep Measle Tapeworm by eating raw sheep or goat meat.

Outdoor pets have many opportunities to be exposed to worms. Clean up dog faeces in the garden and make sure everyone washes their hands after playing with your pets.

Faeces management is another benefit to changing over to premium food such as Royal Canin, which produce 80% less faeces than traditional diets.