Anaesthesia is used in our clinics for surgery and some procedures and examinations.

Before anaesthesia is administered, each pet has an intravenous catheter inserted. This enables a ‘knock down’ dose to be administered intravenously at the beginning of the procedure and then a drip fluid during the anaesthesia.

After the ‘knock down’ dose, most pets are then kept asleep with an anaesthetic gas breathed via a tube into their windpipe.anaesthesia

During anaesthesia, the animals can be monitored for heart rates, breathing, blood temperature and oxygen levels in the blood.

After the anaesthetic, the animals are closely monitored and kept warm until their tubes can be removed.

Franklin Vets highly recommends that your pet has a pre-anaesthesia blood test before surgery. There is always the potential for problems to arise during and after an anaesthetic, and blood testing will detect any risks and determine what anaesthesia (if any) is suitable.

At Franklin Vets we use Smart Flow, a veterinary workflow optimisation system which ensures the best care for our inpatients.

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