Franklin Vets offers a de-sexing service for your pets, performed in our modern theatres using the latest technologies. All our surgical patients receive opiate (morphine based) pain control while at the clinic and four days of painkillers to take home.

We offer de-sexing for all small mammals. All surgery requires a full clinical examination and blood tests. Your pets will be carefully monitored during the procedure with aid devices that measure heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and oxygen saturation.

De-sexing dogs

Neutering a dog is a simple low-risk procedure for the purposes of canine population control, medical health benefit, genetic-disease control and behavioural modification. There are many behavioural and medical advantages to castration:

  • Decreased aggression towards other male dogs
  • Increased attention-they will not be distracted by the pheromonal stimuli
  • Testicular tumours and some forms of anal cancers are prevented by neutering
  • Decreased roaming
  • Fewer hernias and difficulty defecating and urinating.

Neutering involves a day in the clinic then 4-5 days of rest from work.

Spaying a bitch is more involved surgery but has many benefits. Spaying before their first heat offers the best protection. Spaying involves one day in the clinic then 2 weeks rest from work. We cannot spay dogs in heat and must wait until 3 weeks after the heat is finished. Prevent weight gain after spaying by feeding a proper diet.

Advantages include:

  • Prevention of uterine infections and breast tumours
  • Prevention of heat periods and the mounting of inanimate objects
  • Will not encourage unneutered male dogs with her pheromones.

We provide follow up care and check wounds around 5 days after surgery.

Follow the story of Fletcher the black labrador’s neutering surgery at Franklin Vets