Give your puppy a great start in life to help them grow and develop into a healthy and happy canine companion. Puppy preschool classes are a great way for puppies to learn about socialising with other dogs and people. Owners can identify normal behaviours and physical needs of their dog.

The topics we cover are:

  • Socialisation with other dogs
  • Discussion and advice on basic obedience training and demands
  • Basic health care information
  • Prevention and management of unwanted behaviours
  • Creating good toilet habits
  • Dealing with car travel and handling

We use positive reinforcement to make training fun for you and your puppy.

Booking is essential as these classes fill up fast so contact your preferred clinic to give your puppy the first few steps to a great life.

Pukekohe, Mondays 5:30-6:30, 09 238 7486 – the last two classes for 2017 start 25th September & 30th October.

Papakura, Wednesday 5:30-6:30, 09 298 6994 – the next 2017 class with availability starts 4th October.